Thursday, April 30


Established in 2007, JSLV is an upcoming lifestyle collective brand, supporting the skate, snow and graffiti culture. JSLV was created in Southern California by two hungry young minds that come from two different lifestyle backgrounds and diverse cultures. Their first goal was to have a stylish and unique hat, from there came the fresh logo design that had the clean signature feel. They then produced some hats, printed the logo on some tees and laced all the family up. Soon after they took the name and what we stood for, reppin hard into the streets!

From the love and response that has come from the family and the streets we are mad hyped! We are dedicating ourselves to creating and producing fresh quality apparel, while continuing to appreciate every moment of this opportunity that we are blessed with. So whether it’s the fresh gear and kicks you’re rocking or what your dreams are, just always remember that life is what you make of it. So always keep your hustle on and JUS LIV...

Its a real serious up and coming clothing company that i think is way better than a lot of the big names are putting out right now. Any of you that have been in my room have seen this logo pasted all over the place, on my laptop, my snowboard, the sub to my sound system and etc. I'm just trying to get their name out there and support my dude Zach. Some of their shirts are so saucy fresh style. majah flavah korean gangsta style. No, but seriously their stuff is reasonably priced and each new line of stuff they come out with is just better and better every time. JUS LIV means JUST THAT. Live YOUR LIFE. Don't let the World, MTV, and Kanye West tell you how you should look. Be yourself and be confident in everything that you do every day.

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