Monday, April 20

"I can crush a whole 1/8 in a spliff, so people call that a problem...

I call that a gift" © Evidence

From all of us here at Special Sauce, we wish you a happy 4/20. So sit back and enjoy yourself, as we bring you some songs to put you in the mood or continue the celebration. Below is a compilation of some songs that I think fit the day. So be safe and enjoy yourselves, and the words of our good friends Three Six Mafia, wherrrrrrrrre is theeeee bud where is the budd? So sit back grab a blunt, bowl, broad, beer, banana, or bong, and hit up this playlist.

Kanye West (Ratatat Remix)- Get em' High

B.O.B.- Ghost in a Machine

Evidence & The Alchemist - Calmly Smoke Remix and B.O.B. ft. Devin the Dude - Getting High included at the download page.

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