Thursday, April 30


Established in 2007, JSLV is an upcoming lifestyle collective brand, supporting the skate, snow and graffiti culture. JSLV was created in Southern California by two hungry young minds that come from two different lifestyle backgrounds and diverse cultures. Their first goal was to have a stylish and unique hat, from there came the fresh logo design that had the clean signature feel. They then produced some hats, printed the logo on some tees and laced all the family up. Soon after they took the name and what we stood for, reppin hard into the streets!

From the love and response that has come from the family and the streets we are mad hyped! We are dedicating ourselves to creating and producing fresh quality apparel, while continuing to appreciate every moment of this opportunity that we are blessed with. So whether it’s the fresh gear and kicks you’re rocking or what your dreams are, just always remember that life is what you make of it. So always keep your hustle on and JUS LIV...

Its a real serious up and coming clothing company that i think is way better than a lot of the big names are putting out right now. Any of you that have been in my room have seen this logo pasted all over the place, on my laptop, my snowboard, the sub to my sound system and etc. I'm just trying to get their name out there and support my dude Zach. Some of their shirts are so saucy fresh style. majah flavah korean gangsta style. No, but seriously their stuff is reasonably priced and each new line of stuff they come out with is just better and better every time. JUS LIV means JUST THAT. Live YOUR LIFE. Don't let the World, MTV, and Kanye West tell you how you should look. Be yourself and be confident in everything that you do every day.

Much Love,


Praise Is Good For The Soul

Recently Asher Paul Roth came out with a track which aims at the vision of critics and haters that have thrown some kind of shit at him. Asher goes on to tackle the subject of being compared to Marshall Mathers and compliments Eminem on his lyrics and taking the spot in the music industry as one of the most influential artists far before Asher was even able to get a hard on. I've had a few friends ask me what my thoughts on Asher were and from the get go I've told them that they should place their highest bid on him because he's going all the way. Asher is confident with what he's coming to the picture with and he is ready to bare all to show you his true colors. So confide in him and you'll probably end up satisfied. Praise on...

Asher Roth - As I Em (Ft. Chester French)
Just finished one of my finals and my mind is in need for somekind of medicine. Ahhhhh here's something soothing for all of us

Dj Schmolli - Wicked Wedding (Riot B-More Fix) - Billy Idol x Chris Isaac

Have you ever been this drunk?

*Thinks about it
*Hopes not
Yessur. A little something to brighten your exam week.

Wednesday, April 29

You aint heard this before

Coming from our overseas category Buraka Som Sistema is an experimental group combining kuduro, electronic, dubstep, and maybe some other danceable genres also. This track below features M.I.A and some of the most ridiculous dance moves i've seen people do. This group is composed of João Barbosa (Li'l John), Rui Pité (DJ Riot), Andro Carvalho (Conductor) and Kalaf Ângelo. They got mention in the NY times for their recent album that dropped, Black Diamond. The MC's on this track are spit fire as are the dance moves and the beats. Keep a look out for them, they're already preforming over seas (aka US) and their live shows appear to be straight up insane.

Just goes to show you that it doesn't really matter what your economic situ. is, people will get down as long as there is music in this world to get crazy to.

The track below is a remix of the video above by the famed Dj Mehdi who tamed the original track a good amount and made it more groove worthy. Hope you enjoy it!

Buraka Som Sistema - Sound Of Kuduro (DJ Mehdi Sound Of Terror Remix)
Not very terrifying really...

Thought this track was also pretty appropriate.

Buraka Som Sistema - Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) (Hot Chip Remix)
Press Play Below

Shout out: Mary Ossovskaya - thanks for putting me up on this group.
Check her fashion blog out right hur!

Guru Josh Project

Heard this song as I was crusin' in my moms space shuttle of an accord last weekend in R-town. Made me feel pretty nice so I thought I would share with everyone...

Tuesday, April 28


yo everyone, i found this user on youtube a while ago. he's got a lot of real sick instrumentals from electronic to trip hop to just straight beats. I'm not too sure if any are actually his or hers (not really sure of the gender either). Either way there is a lot of raw stuff on this person's channel. here's a few i really like.

and here's the link to the channel:


Unsung Hero

Was just listening to XV's recent Please, Hold mixtape when I came across Colin Munroe again. I found him laying it down on Without U, off of Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk's sophomore album Tronic. And low and behold, Munroe is at it again, with Piano Lessons. this video is beyond dope, combining Munroe's childhood videos with himself today, to create a combination of the past and the present.

This video/song is Especially Saucy.

With Piano Lessons included, his recent mixtape, Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero, can be snagged below.

Shoutout to OnSmash

You are now tuned in to that dude from Outer Space

If you dug XV's Final Fantasy, cop his mixtape, Please, Hold below. Though new to me on the scene, some tracks are niceee. Personal favorites are Final Fantasy, Endless, and Last Cause,
and I haven't even finished listening yet.
But with production featuring the likes of 9th Wonder, Seven, Colin Munroe, and Illmind,
you can't go wrong.

The Hood Internet

In the music world there are many terms and phrases that exist in order to describe a certain track. re-edits, fixes, re-fixes, remixes, blends, fixes, and mashups. The Hood Internet specializes in blending together artists from pretty distant and far spectrums of each other. For example MGMT and Lil Kim, Spank Rock w/ Amanda Blank and Burial, Yelle and Phil Collins. The result is pretty intriguing and it's def worth your time if anything. Check out the tracks posted below and dl whatever makes your fancy tickle.

Spank Rock Ft. Amanda Blank vs Burial - Bumpangel

Yelle vs Phil Collins - In The Air Ce Soir
Press Play Below

Lil Wayne vs Royksopp - Comfortable Up Here
Press Play Below


Merch Line

I guess it's about time for me to start making merch and this is the very first item that has been stamped with something related to Dj Lova so I thought i'd share it with you! My loving and caring roommates (+1) decided to get this designed and printed for me in light of my recent 21st birthday. Thank you guys so much once again! A shoutout goes to the designer Mr. Madrigal!

I couldn't leave you guys hanging without something special of course...

This is the Dreadsquad. I'm still not so sure as to how many individuals are in the group itself but they make hotness. Based in Poland, their goal for the past 7 years has been to spread the love of reggae music through the lands of their homeland. I'm ready to be traveling through Europe and hear music that I would never expect to rendevoux with. Feel free to visit their Myspace as well as download their 8 track album below.

Dreadsqaud - The Fugees vs. Max Romeo - Ready Or Not
This track is included in the blend found just below

Dreadsquad & Papa Zura - Play that Blend vol 2

Monday, April 27

Music Connects us ALL around the world

My name is David Silberstein and this is my first post to SPECIAL SAUCE. Lev is one of my best friends as well as my roommate. To give you a little background on myself; I go to Virginia Tech and am the Director of Concerts here. I love the music industry and have had jobs at: 930 Club, Jammin Java, William Morris Agency, Go Team! Music, and manage and book for some amazing bands.

I wanted to post this video with some baddass singing and amazing playing of a classic song from all around the world


A few weeks ago Dj Nick@Nite and I threw an event named the Mustache Bash @ The Lantern in downtown Blacksburg. The floor turned wet as did everything else inside of The Lantern. YES, everything was wet... if you don't believe me then just look below. Hope you can join us for the next mustache bash asap!

Picasa SlideshowPicasa Web AlbumsFullscreen

Sunday, April 26

Talent Baby....Raw Talent

This Thursday I was fortunate enough to be able to chill with some of the most talented individuals in the music industry. Not only are they talented in a musical sense but they got smarts man. I'm talking about 3OH3! If you haven't heard about them yet then keep reading, if you have, then just keep reading because this is tight. Of course I have to give Benny a shout out for inviting me to The National in Richmond to chill with him and the band. 3OH3! is currently on the APTOUR which includes them, The Maine, Family Force 5, Hit The Lights, and A Rocket To The Moon. I missed the actual show since 3OH3! weren't headlining that night but I certainly made it to the late night dp. Nat broke out the 1200's and Benny and him got nasty on them. Not to mention your boy Lova got some quality time on the decks while Nat and Sean wil'd out with the other bands and a nice handful of sillys. Nathaniel and Sean are both from Boulder, CO (303) and graduated from CU with 4.0's. Nat not only gets bothered by girls every where he goes but by med school recruits. Anyway's these two are incredibly down to earth and I had a great time chillen with both of them. Below are some pics from the night as well as some tracks for you to get crazy to.
Benny & Nat in love

Just before the crowd surfing began

You didn't know it was like this did you??
Benny and 3OH3! attack Panama City, Florida

Don't trust a bro though, fo show.

Puff it Pass it Push it Peddle It

Now in days there are not too many new unique sounding artists but one that has stood out to me is Mike Posner. This 21 year old artist was brought up in Michigan and is now attending Duke University. Pretty impressive that he is undertaking a music career as well as his student role and is still able to put out such quality work. The genre falls somewhere in between pop and hip/hop but in general I think Mike's voice is what is so intresting. Give it a try below, you can also get the entire album for free from iTunes or from his Myspace.

Cooler Than Me ft. Big Sean
Press Play Below

Drug Dealer Girl
Press Play Below

Losing My Mind

Evil Girl
Press Play Below

Download Here

Friday, April 24

Saucy McSaucy

YES! in stores now.

I shouldn't even have to describe how dope this man above me is. K-OS is a talent to say the least, and if you like what you here please cop the album to support good music. Check out our previous posts,
here and here. You can hit it up on Amazon, right here. I can't give the DL out for this song but I'm dropping the streamed version.

Eye Know Something- K-OS


I'll ignore the fact that he's supposely a douchebag. a big one.
New Cudi, flow sounds like if Juicy J(3 6 Mafia) could actually rap.
Daps and Pounds - Kid Cudi

And as if this song has been played or remixed enough, here is another remix out of Philly, by Chiddy Bang, which is reworked extremely well in my opinion.
Day N Night(remix)- Chiddy Bang

Live Dopeness

So I was just about to sleep, when this was spotted over at It's all the way live. The Mighty goes in, 12 minutes long, on Kanye's "Say You Will". Recorded live at the legendary blues club, The Blue Note, Mos Def sings and spits brilliance backed up by the RCDC experiment(Robert Glasper, Chris Dave, Casey Benjamin & Derrick Hodge). Thanks again to It's all the way live.

Mos Def- Say You Will Cover

Thursday, April 23

Might want to change your underwear after this one

From the self proclaimed planet of Squaria whose more interested in action figures and superheroes, then hyping his street cred, artist XV drops a gem that both hip-hop heads and normal music lovers will love. I don't know if this exists, but I'm creating a new genre. Ambient Rap. Don't hate on me too much, but I could see a music video of XV flying through the clouds. I am definitely giving my stamp on this one, Especially Saucy. Shout out to Charlie Hilton on the keys.

Final Fantasy - XV

Button Masher

Based in Victoria, Australia, Button Masher is an up-and-coming remix producer that is already making his mark on the electro/remix scene. Dude comes heavy with it, I can already imagine this getting play at a big time concert as these songs have an epic sound to them(especially Finale). You can feel/hear the buildup of the track as it progresses, until the beat finally drops into mayhem. Although the tempo never really gets that high, the baseline held down by the bass, claps, and synths makes "Finale" a very upbeat and energizing listen.

Finale - Button Masher

We are the People - Empire of the Sun(Button Masher Remix)

Wednesday, April 22

Watchhhhhhaaaaa meeeee

The man himself lays it's it down postmortem on this similarly funky joint.

There was a time - James Brown(Kenny Dope Remix)

Wednesday = The Slow Loris

Just sit back and enjoy...

Now that you're done watching that look below for something even more ridiculous...

Tuesday, April 21

Shit>Ron Browz>Jim Jones BUT Ron Browz + Jim Jones + McFly = Nice

First off, friends don't let friends listen to Jim Jones. However, in this case i'll let it slide. . Good looks to White Folks Get Crunk for turning me onto DJ McFly, who comes correct on this remix. I takes alot to make a over-ass-played song like this listenable to me, but this is a funky take on the record. In regards to Jimmie boy, what would you rather do, take this guys job or listen his cd all the way through with no skips?

Pop Champagne - Ron Browz(McFly Edit)

Neo-Soulquarian Groovology: aka getting your grown man on

Now this duo truly has an interesting story of how they met. 1/2 of Little Brother, North Carolina rapper Phonte was a frequent poster on Hip/hop website Okayplayer when he begin talking with Dutch producer Nicolay. Having listened to Nic's instrumentals online, Phonte asked for permission to rhyme over somes beats and thus The Foreign Exchange was born. What followed is nothing short of brilliance of my opinion.Now let me just say this, THEY NEVER MET IN PERSON ONCE until after they released their critically acclaimed debut album Connected in 2004. And damn was it good(ask anyone who's listened to it). Since 2004, the duo laid low and I wondered when I would get to listen to another album. And last fall, they released "Leave it all Behind", which is a great album that features basically the same production but instead of Phonte rapping, he is singing. The first album was so good that I was skeptical of how "Leave it all Behind" could even compare, but this neosoul take on the FE is worth every cent you spend on the cd(I bought it twice). Today, the FE was luckily to grace us with a video of "Take off the Blues" which happens to be my favorite song off the album, followed by a short clip of "Valediction". Darien Brockington also graces the song with his soulful voice.

Now as you may have noticed by what I've posted, I love when songs and samples are flipped. Below is both the studio and final version of producer/rapper/singer Novel flipping Kid Cudi's Sky Might Fall. So lemme know what you think, cause this is one neolish song in my opinion.

Sky Might Fall(Soul-Mix)- Novel

"Cop it!"
Props to Onsmash

Monday, April 20


Today is the day that people around the world all decide to do one thing simultaneously when their clocks/phones/computers/watches turn to 4:20 pm. Maybe some were up till 4:20 am, but that's not for me. To mark this occasion we gotta throw down something to rock your dreads to...

Desmond Dekker - 007 (Shanty Town)
Press Play Below

Blaqstarr - Bang Hard
Press Play Below

Major Lazer (Ft. Andy Milonakis) - Zumbi
Press Play Below

J. Boogie - One Woman Man
Press Play Below

Nicolay and Kay - The Gunshot
Press Play Below

::: GET IT :::

Ya boys Black Milk and Elzhi at it againnnnn

I am loving this track, but then again, when have a Elzhi/Milk collabo ever gone wrong? I've been a huge fan of Elzhi since I first heard him on Little Brother's "Hiding Place". Like usual, Elzhi rips it over heavy bass, a nasty drum loop, and live horns. If you haven't check out Elzhi or Black Milk, procede to do so now. Hopefully off Elzhi's upcoming project The Feed, here is deep. Thanks to 2DB for the linkage.

Deep - Elzhi(prod. by Black Milk)

Cue The Strings

The following video was all shot in one take and the instrumentals and vocals were recorded simultaneously with the shooting. Real tight if you ask me, thanks to HeavyRoc for the find!

Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.

Oh yea and a happy 4/20!!!
Look out for some holiday specific posts today

"I can crush a whole 1/8 in a spliff, so people call that a problem...

I call that a gift" © Evidence

From all of us here at Special Sauce, we wish you a happy 4/20. So sit back and enjoy yourself, as we bring you some songs to put you in the mood or continue the celebration. Below is a compilation of some songs that I think fit the day. So be safe and enjoy yourselves, and the words of our good friends Three Six Mafia, wherrrrrrrrre is theeeee bud where is the budd? So sit back grab a blunt, bowl, broad, beer, banana, or bong, and hit up this playlist.

Kanye West (Ratatat Remix)- Get em' High

B.O.B.- Ghost in a Machine

Evidence & The Alchemist - Calmly Smoke Remix and B.O.B. ft. Devin the Dude - Getting High included at the download page.

Hit the divshare logo for the download links

Saturday, April 18

Love Steps

With April 16th just passing on the VT campus I was proud to see the steps taken by the university as well as the community of new and old students in order to remember and honor those that passed away April 16th, 2007. My heart goes out to the families of survivors as well as those that lost a loved one in the tragedy. I sure hope that the school can continue the honorable traditions for many years to come and that incoming students continue to participate in the remembrance. With that said I would like to share something truly inspirational.

Many readers have had the opportunity to meet Ben Levin aka Benny Blanco either through their childhood years or through one of the visits that he has paid to our campus here at VT to perform his magic and rock hundreds of people till the late hours of the southwest VA night. On April 29th Benjamin Levin and his good friend Andrew "doobie" Forestell will be setting out on an estimated 2-3 week journey from Manhattan, NY to their hometown of Reston, VA. Will they paraglide? Ride a bicycle? Rollerblade you may ask? No. Benny and Doobie will be walking all of the 241 miles on their own two feet. Both Benny and Doobie are doing this in honor of close relatives that have faced the hardships of dealing with cancer. I will personally be sponsoring them at $/mile and I hope that you also can consider making a contribution towards their efforts.

Take some time to visit their blog about the walk located HERE
Throw back Benny Blanco track from like 06' below

Friday, April 17

Take a ride on the Aeroplane

Spotted this over at audiodrums, Aeroplane
remix's Friendly Fire's "Paris. In Aeroplane's own words, they are "dedicated to elevating its fans toward a higher musical space undefined by standardized genres. They reach for freedom from constraints of predictability, weaving currents of psychedelic guitars, pop keys, disco beats, catchy bass lines and melancholic waves into a singular connection of modern beat-driven music."

Paris - Friendly Fire(Aeroplane Remix)

Purple Pumpkin Eaters

Wednesday, April 15

Till I'm the king of my castle, Koopa

Introducing: Big Sean. The newest and youngest member of G.O.O.D. Music, Big Sean hadn't gotten a listen from me until today, well im glad that changed. I got a hold of these tracks on P&P, so thanks to them for this post basically. I'm really feeling "Supa Dupa", I remember Sean posted the lyrics probably at least a month ago and I was very interested to see how it turned out. With GLC on the hook(not listed but i'm 90% sure) and Big Sean on the mic, this track is supa dupa(no homo). With his mixtape dropping tomorrow, I'm gonna cop that then put it up.

Big Sean - Supa Dupa

Big Sean - Desire, Want, Need

Damn the recession is hitting hard.

The Onion always comes through.

Just Say It Nina...

Straight from HeavyRoc, check it below

Nina Sky - On Some Bull**** from Vicarious Music on Vimeo.

This is Diploooo

Let's start this off by noting that some people in this world are trully meant to do one thing and when they find it they will become amazing at whatever it is that they do. There are a few people I can think of that are now doing their destined tasks in this world but I can tell you for sure that Diplo is indeed in the spot he is destined to be in. The style he produces is trully unique and has helped create some of the most impressive work that is consistently delivering such lethal doses. Literally catching your attention every 8 bars that pass keeping it so fresh in between. Each noise is incredibly appropriate to each song and nothing seems out of place. The production is slightly rough but that is exactly what gives it such a unique presence during your session with each song. I've been extremely pleased with every song present on this album and I recommend that for your well being that you hit play the entire way through this album. To better explain this I'll let his actual work do the speaking for me, it really is the best option at this point.

Read the press review for Diplo and understand how accomplished he is so far ::: Here :::

Below you fill find a series of songs that have all done their part in explaining diplo's exquisite style. Unlike many artists that you will find out in our vast pool of musicians, not many are able to adapt to many genre's of music. This flexibility ensures that there is something that Diplo has worked on that you will find accommodating and appropriate. You will find a diplo produced album that is much different from the selection below. M83 - Skin of the Night

Spank Rock - Put That Pussy on Me (Diplo Tonight remix)
Press Play Below

CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Diplo Remix)
Presss Play Below

Marlena Shaw - California Soul (Diplo Mad Decent Remix)
Pressss Play Below

Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks (Diplo Youngest Folks Remix)
Pressssss Play Below

Kid Cudi Ft. Rick Ross - The Sky Might Fall
Pressssss Play Below