Sunday, April 26

Puff it Pass it Push it Peddle It

Now in days there are not too many new unique sounding artists but one that has stood out to me is Mike Posner. This 21 year old artist was brought up in Michigan and is now attending Duke University. Pretty impressive that he is undertaking a music career as well as his student role and is still able to put out such quality work. The genre falls somewhere in between pop and hip/hop but in general I think Mike's voice is what is so intresting. Give it a try below, you can also get the entire album for free from iTunes or from his Myspace.

Cooler Than Me ft. Big Sean
Press Play Below

Drug Dealer Girl
Press Play Below

Losing My Mind

Evil Girl
Press Play Below

Download Here


nmL said...

i love this shit, i remember listening to it last night. tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

TUckz said...

druug deeeala girlll