Tuesday, April 28

The Hood Internet

In the music world there are many terms and phrases that exist in order to describe a certain track. re-edits, fixes, re-fixes, remixes, blends, fixes, and mashups. The Hood Internet specializes in blending together artists from pretty distant and far spectrums of each other. For example MGMT and Lil Kim, Spank Rock w/ Amanda Blank and Burial, Yelle and Phil Collins. The result is pretty intriguing and it's def worth your time if anything. Check out the tracks posted below and dl whatever makes your fancy tickle.

Spank Rock Ft. Amanda Blank vs Burial - Bumpangel

Yelle vs Phil Collins - In The Air Ce Soir
Press Play Below

Lil Wayne vs Royksopp - Comfortable Up Here
Press Play Below



Tmo said...

uhh.....that burial joint is ridiculous.

Tucker said...