Thursday, April 29


So after being gone from the music scene for a little while due to maternity leave M.I.A has come back a different woman. Like many artists, M.I.A has grown up and left the silly Gangalng/Paper Planes episode of her life and will most likely be making music with a different intent now. Her recently surfaced video has a lot of buzz around it right now and it is being taken down from some sites because viewers find it pretty disturbing. In my opinion it's quite an eye opener! M.I.A doesn't make a physical appearance in it but her voice guides the camera along. I won't try to go into what I think this video means but I'll leave you with it below so you can watch for yourself. Also for your listening pleasure below is Tic Toc with Rye Rye and M.I.A. throwing the verses at you.

Tic Toc - Rye Rye & M.I.A. | Download

Distant Relatives

Off Damian Marley's and Nas' Distant Relatives album dropping May 18th. Last week of college for me, so i figured I'd put up something relaxing, not depressing, now that I'm done....

Africa Wake Up- Damian Marley & Nas ft. K'naan

Wednesday, April 28

Luda loves lumps

Love this How Low remix by The Filth!!! It has such tantalizing Count Draculaesque synths that will make any girl want to touch the nastiest dance floor the second this heavy bass vibrates their cheeks. I imagine Luda as the man who delivers milk early in the morning to your front doorstep, he's the man.

How Low - Ludacris (The Filth remix) | download

Tuesday, April 27

Rusko & updates

Whatsup everyone? almost gave up there but with the summer coming up I will be up on this much more! So got back from Coachella about a week ago and of course it was nothing other than amazing. With the lineup that it had how could it be anything than epic??? Wanted to throw a new Rusko track at you guys featuring Amber Coffman from the Dirty Projectors which I saw for the first time last year at Bonaroo, they were at coachelli but I didn't have a chance to see them perform. Rusko is stepping into new grounds with this track trying to get a more mass appeal but sticking to his roots of Dubstep, Amber has some amazing vocals and they bring a nice touch to Rusko's rumble. O.M.G.! is Rusko's album in the works which is set to release May 4th on the Mad Decent record label, so look for that drop.
I'll certainly have a coachella write up in the next day for everyone!

Couldn't get an mp3 of the new track so you'll have to stream it until the album drops early May!

Rusko @ Coachella:

Sub Focus - Splash Ft. Coco (Rusko Remix) <--- ♥♥♥♥ | Download

Pro Nails - Kid Sister (Rusko Remix) | Download