Monday, April 6

Haze Vision

Hello everyone,
I just got back from WVU (west virginia university) and I am quite excited to tell you about my experience there. WVU in itself is found on the hilly side of Morgantown WV and it contains about 28-30K students. The campus itself is spread out over a few miles and they have a traveling trolly car that connects the two campuses together. There is even a facebook group for people that have done the dirty in this little trolly. Basically there are not many rules in WVU. It is a playground for 18-24 year olds. Even if you are under 21 your chances of drinking at anyone of the many clubs and bars down town are very high. I was somehow able to start a tab and drink freely as long as my friend who was 21 bought the drinks for me and then passed them to me shortly after. There is a lot of drinking at WVU and people rage like it's their job so I wanted to post the video below to remind everyone that crazy accidents do happen and that they should call 911 if they think someone is in danger. I realize that this sounds silly but I alone have had three experiences in my life where someones actions saved a life. Hope you consider watching it and take everything to heart.

There is a recent movement on college campuses called the Amethyst Initiative. The goal of this is to increase awareness that college administrators are tired of being the patrolmen/women on our campuses and they would like to see a reduction of binge drinking as well as the amount of legal issues connected to underage drinking. To do this they are proposing dropping the minimum drinking age down to 18, check if the president of your university has signed the initiative and if they haven't be sure to inform them about it.

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