Saturday, April 18

Love Steps

With April 16th just passing on the VT campus I was proud to see the steps taken by the university as well as the community of new and old students in order to remember and honor those that passed away April 16th, 2007. My heart goes out to the families of survivors as well as those that lost a loved one in the tragedy. I sure hope that the school can continue the honorable traditions for many years to come and that incoming students continue to participate in the remembrance. With that said I would like to share something truly inspirational.

Many readers have had the opportunity to meet Ben Levin aka Benny Blanco either through their childhood years or through one of the visits that he has paid to our campus here at VT to perform his magic and rock hundreds of people till the late hours of the southwest VA night. On April 29th Benjamin Levin and his good friend Andrew "doobie" Forestell will be setting out on an estimated 2-3 week journey from Manhattan, NY to their hometown of Reston, VA. Will they paraglide? Ride a bicycle? Rollerblade you may ask? No. Benny and Doobie will be walking all of the 241 miles on their own two feet. Both Benny and Doobie are doing this in honor of close relatives that have faced the hardships of dealing with cancer. I will personally be sponsoring them at $/mile and I hope that you also can consider making a contribution towards their efforts.

Take some time to visit their blog about the walk located HERE
Throw back Benny Blanco track from like 06' below

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