Friday, May 1

I See You Baby....

Firstly shoutout to VA because it's sexy. Secondly let me talk to you about Groove Armada. Now, you've probably heard a groove armada song or two somewhere in the media such as ads, video games, movies and such. This duo is composed of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay who are both currently residing in England. The name comes from a club that Cato and his GF started before they became big time. The music videos are all pretty unique splattered with a bit of the British flavoring. The genre you can find Groove Armada in is probably named Downtempo, Electronica and Dance. Check out the video and the songs below if you're interested...
Oh yea, help us spread the word about your special sauce! We're trying to be big time! I think we got something really tight going here. I know your friends will enjoy some of our sauce in their life.

Groove Armada - At The River

Groove Armada - Super Stylin

Groove Armada - Drop The Tough (The Twelves B-Live remix)

Groove Armada - At The River (Ministry of Sound Remix)


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Anonymous said...

loooove it looooooova. ive been bangin "drop the tough" at parties for a couple months now and that shit is HOT and everyone LOVES it. dope