Tuesday, September 15

C'mon Man

Kanye conveniently appeared again just as I came across this song.

Kanye West- Paranoid(LMFAO Remix)


Monday, September 14

Humans < Cats

Found this following piece while Stumbling thorough the internet. It's a masterpiece beyond all regards. The animation is sleek, and matches the poetry to a heartbeat. The narration is exquisite and so keen. We as humans can be cruel and this video should be a reminder to spare an insects life and be friendlier. Just beautiful, watch below!

Saturday, September 5

"I just shake em off, etch a sketch a hoe"

Never Let it Go- Fabolous(prod. by DJ Khalil

The quotable are countless on this bonus cut off Fab's upcoming "Loso's Way. GAHHHHDAMMNNNN. DJ Khalil on the keys(no not DJ Khaled), this is hotness.

Shout out to 2DB

Friday, September 4

Revisited and Reworked

This bangs. POKER FACE.
Make Her Say- Kid Cudi ft. Kid Cudi & Common(88 Nadastrom Remix)

9 P.M. til I Bojangle

The song title alone gives this one a "must listen". DJ Real Juicy combines ATB's "Til I come" with classic Pitbull. This shit is dope.

9 P.M. til I Bojangle

Shout out to White Folks Get Crunk

Wednesday, September 2


Tony Royster Jr is probably one of the best definitions of gospel chops out there....
Thomas Pridgen is probably one of the most talented drum players i've ever seen and he plays with one of the best bands that could've picked him up.....
FIRST, Watch both play at a young age and understand how much talent they both have
THEN, watch them play together in the present-------->>>

Tony Royster Jr @ the age of 11

Thomas Pridgen plays below, do you understand how rediculous both of these people are yet???

Now just cream all over your self when you watch this below

Imogen Heap does the incredible

Picture has nothing to do with Immi but that dog is peeing in the right pool

It's really good to be back and on this special sauce situation right now, but let me just show you exactly what I experienced tonight with my roommates and left me astonished at this woman below.... Just Take a look below and don't start crying ok?/??!?aowirh

The first video is Imogen on Letterman who is ridiculous on the show and doesn't really understand what he just witnessed with his eyes

Now Dj Tiesto takes Imogen into his hands while playing for thousands of people and looks so relaxed about it..

Just understand that you may cry while watching the video below because it is actually that intense on your emotions. The song is about a relationship that she had with a male and does an incredible job in transferring her emotions to this beautiful song called Hide and Seek