Saturday, July 31


In an effort to expand our followers base I am going to begin writing about topics other than just music and media that are on my mind during any given day. Seeing as how I get a chubby every time a see a flashy/shiny new gadget I will certainly share my thoughts about the latest and greatest electronic goods.

First up will be the Droid X. The new Droid X was recently released on the Big Red (Verizon) to take on the iPhone4. In my opinion the iPhone is an incredible piece of technology but I just can't give up the amazing service and coverage I get with big red!!! Since my blackberry broke the week the Droid X was released I decided to wake up at 7AM on release day and get my hands on that 4.3" screen. Although the display is not as pretty as the iPhone, it is big! By big I mean no midget is holding this in one hand. The display is so large that it beats out most GPS navigation units and the google maps/navigation is unbelieavably perfect. Although the phone is tall it is very very thin from the side and a slight curve at the top helps hold on to the phone or pull it out of your tight ass pant pocket. Think, Motorola razor but with a whole lot of upgrades. On to the deets:
The Goodies:
  • 8 fucking mega pixel camera takes beautiful shots even in the dark with the assistance of not one, but TWO flashes! Overkill? no, just amazing. check out the sample below.
  • 4 physical buttons to orient you through the many apps and features the phone offers.
  • 1 1/8th inch headphone jack for any pair of regular headphones
  • 1 HDMI out, yes you just read hdmi. Cable isn't included with the phone but if you find yourself needing this feature you can scoop one up for $20.
  • 1 micro USB connection for loading everything you need onto this bad boy. The included 16GB memory card and the internal 8 Gb's are very legit and this adds up to a better purchase than the iphone. More memory for less mone
  • 512 Mb of Ram for multitasking
  • 720p video recording
  • Separate mic for noise cancellation as well as one more for video capture
  • FM radio! What? This is getting pretty excessive but I sure do like it
  • The ability to act as a hotspot for other electronic devices such as laptops and other smart phones (extra fee with Verizon)
  • So many apps that are quality and the majority are free
The Bad:
  • Freezes up some times, maybe once-twice a week
  • It is big, but this only gets in the way slightly like when I look in the mirror and it looks like a TI-83 is in my pocket
  • Usually need a charge mid day to keep the phone happy
  • Scared about dropping such a pretty phone
  • Display is not as glorious and beautiful as some other like the Incredible or the iPhone4
Very pleased with the phone and with the Android 2.1 OS! Update is coming soon to the 2.2 I believe. Very pleased with my decision so far, it has come in so handy every single day since I have had it! The Android OS has caught up to Apple and the iPhone in such a short period of time and although it is not secure as the iPhone's software all it takes are some preventative measures and you can eliminate that threat by not visiting sketchy websites and downloading apps that don't have any reviews. Going from a blackberry I am very happy with the phone so much more to do when I'm in the bathroom :D


Thursday, July 29

Test, Test, T-T-T-T-TEST

First Post. Stressed. Knuckles white. Sweat dripping down the back of my neck. Eyes Red. Pressure building. IBS flare up imminent. Must make grand introduction like nothing the world of indie-hip hop and folk-house-americana mash ups the world has ever seen.

So...I'll talk about why I don't think anyone should listen to Vampire Weekend. And by anyone, I mean you. Vampire fucking Weekend. I don't even care why they called it that, worst name ever. Werewolf Afternoon is way better. Nosferatu Night? Dracula Daytime? All of these > Vampire Weekend.

"But but but they are so original, their music is so new and different and pushing boundaries and" no. no no no. It is not different. It is twice apprehended! COPYING AND MOCKERY I TELL YOU.

Soweto or soukous rythms combined with pop music. Where have I heard this before.


Quote from the lord of pop culture, wiki-pedia: "Vampire Weekend was dubbed the "whitest band" by Christian Lander, the creator of the site Stuff White People Like." Hipsters of the world, please take your jhorts elsewhere. Vampire f'ing Weekend just got pwned by Paul Simon. The entire "Graceland" album is better than anything some rich kids from Columbia University ever made.

PS. I could call you special sauce, and special sauce, you can call me Todd.
PPS. Sorry for the haterade, interwebs! From here on out its nothing but cream cheese and sunshine, word up.

Wednesday, July 28


Chewie and monster squirrel join forces against the gotdamnnazis.
The real reason the 3rd Reich fell
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