Sunday, April 26

Talent Baby....Raw Talent

This Thursday I was fortunate enough to be able to chill with some of the most talented individuals in the music industry. Not only are they talented in a musical sense but they got smarts man. I'm talking about 3OH3! If you haven't heard about them yet then keep reading, if you have, then just keep reading because this is tight. Of course I have to give Benny a shout out for inviting me to The National in Richmond to chill with him and the band. 3OH3! is currently on the APTOUR which includes them, The Maine, Family Force 5, Hit The Lights, and A Rocket To The Moon. I missed the actual show since 3OH3! weren't headlining that night but I certainly made it to the late night dp. Nat broke out the 1200's and Benny and him got nasty on them. Not to mention your boy Lova got some quality time on the decks while Nat and Sean wil'd out with the other bands and a nice handful of sillys. Nathaniel and Sean are both from Boulder, CO (303) and graduated from CU with 4.0's. Nat not only gets bothered by girls every where he goes but by med school recruits. Anyway's these two are incredibly down to earth and I had a great time chillen with both of them. Below are some pics from the night as well as some tracks for you to get crazy to.
Benny & Nat in love

Just before the crowd surfing began

You didn't know it was like this did you??
Benny and 3OH3! attack Panama City, Florida

Don't trust a bro though, fo show.

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