Monday, April 20


Today is the day that people around the world all decide to do one thing simultaneously when their clocks/phones/computers/watches turn to 4:20 pm. Maybe some were up till 4:20 am, but that's not for me. To mark this occasion we gotta throw down something to rock your dreads to...

Desmond Dekker - 007 (Shanty Town)
Press Play Below

Blaqstarr - Bang Hard
Press Play Below

Major Lazer (Ft. Andy Milonakis) - Zumbi
Press Play Below

J. Boogie - One Woman Man
Press Play Below

Nicolay and Kay - The Gunshot
Press Play Below

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C$ YOU KNOW! said...

I'm kinda pissed I was too smacked to read this yesterday.

Tmo said...

damn havent heard the gunshot is a long time. great song, that hook is crazy

Anthony said...

bang hard like then drums all day