Saturday, February 28

Girl Talk @ Virgina Tech 2009

A picture is worth a 1000 words, that's why I'm just gonna post these photos and a video. Maybe a comment or two to make it more believable.

Greg Gillis crowd surfing in Commonwealth

I spent about 10 minutes right near the front and was certain that my life was so close to being over. 1700 people got down and the density was higher than Superman

Greg quote: "Back the fuck up Virginia Tech, we're still cool, just back the fuck up." VT I am proud of you! You came prepared and prepped. Lubed and Saucy

Thank you collegiate times for the photos. Peep them here ... Girl Talk @ VT

Friday, February 27

Never has singing off pitch sounded so good.

And sadly some people will think this is a real song........

this almost makes me forget about my all nighter last night and why im still doing work.....................

Thursday, February 26

Lazy Sunday/Friday style

Shazam is the subject of this post. I couldn't seem to find much about the biography aspect of Shazam but I guess that's okay. The picture on the left might offer some insight to the brain processes behind the track. Below is a remix of Down In L.A. by Munk as well as a video of the song.

Munk - Down in L.A. (Shazam Remix) ::: Get it
Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

MUNK "Down in L.A." Shazam Version

My Kind of W.

Robin Williams - "It's 5 o'clock in the morning you've just pissed on a dumpster, it's Miller time."

Kanye West - Welcome to Heartbreak (Robin Da Hood remix) ::: Get It
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Wednesday, February 25

Pike shit....

....on everyone at DG's Anchorsplash contest in the year 2009. Pike brothers adapted a variety of Matrix moves that matched a mixtrack of Daft Punk, Prodigy, Kanyyezzy. Look below for something one of a kind. Props to Pike for their efforts and delivery

Daft Punk - What More Time (Krames Remix)

Kanye West vs Radiohead - Lovereckoner Mashup <--- Saucy
Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

Prodigy - Android (Optimus Grime Remix) - I may have posted that only because it was remixed by an artist who goes by the name of Optimus Grime

New situation for getting music >>> Get It <<< I know you like it

Speaking of Optimus Prime....

Although I can never forget he is friends with Bow Wow...

Omarion teams up with Timbo again for "Comfort" featuring the man who seems to be on every song these days, you already know.
I was never really a fan of Omarion back in his B2K days, but since he jumped into the icebox I'm surprised to say that he's turning into a decent artist. Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon.

.......and about Bow Wow. Dude will never be accepted as anything more then an ass clown teenage rapper in the music biz. but he is alright on Entourage.

So i scratched that song, you can find it online
but to continue to shit on Bow Wow, real dogs sniff blood!!!!!

X Gonna Give It to Ya - DMX - DMX

Play Me

Kazey - Play Me Sexy ::: Get It
Dj Lova - Wave Mix ::: Get It

French superstar Kazey put together this nasty mix called Play Me Sexy - a minimix
Coming in at a little over 18 minutes long it includes some hot songs/artists in it
Some of which include Dj Felli Fel, Diplo, Blaqstarr, Dj Mujava, Lil Jon, T-Pain, Flo Rida and many others. Full track list below.
My mix above is something live I produced on the tables for a club in VA Beach named the Wave. Once Dj Nick@Nite (Nick Licitra, my neighbor) gives me a crash course in Ablton mixing I will hopefully be putting out mixes more frequently and better quality.

Thanks to Discobelle for the mix
1 - DJ Class - Intro
2 - DJ Class vs Felli Fel - I’m The Ish ft. Lil Jon, T-Pain Flo Rida & Sean Paul (Nasa Remix)
3 - Gaines - BBB Dance ft. Teki Latex & Big O - (DJ P.O.L.Style Remix )
4 - Kazey & Bulldog - Ballin’
5 - Terry Lynn - Kingstonlogic - (Kovee Remix)
6 - Jose 2 Hype - Funk In Me ft. TeeCee
7 - Act Yo Age - The Flash (Dre Skull Remix)
8 - DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Ashley Beedle’s Africanz On Marz Re-Edit)
9 - Circle Children *AVH* - Zulu - Change Mix
10 - Donaeo - African Warrior
11 - DJ Cleo - Clap Your Hands
12 - Diplo - Mary Jane - (Solid Groove Remix)
13 - Fast Eddie - I Desire You
14 - Dance Area - AA 24 7 - (Diplo Remix)
15 - DJ Rockid ft. Dan Steezo - Move & Mingle
16 - Blaqstarr - Handz Up Thumbz Down - (High Powered Boys Remix)
17 - Proxy - Tha Raven - (Kazey & Bulldog MPC Reverse Remix)

Tuesday, February 24

Good Lovin'

Good Lovin - Slim of 112 Ft. Ryan Leslie & Fabolous

Slim of 112 teams up with my main man Ryan Leslie and Fabolous for a "always smooth, even when your not"(©Keystone) jam.
Off Slim's solo album "Love's Crazy"

How bad you wanna know?

Jay-Z is the fucking man. This is one of the best intros on any of jays cds. OK IM RELOADED. Even though Reasonable Doubt is Jays best album and the only one I really listen too, there are a couple songs on In my Lifetime Vol. 1 that I like to listen to every once in a while, and this is one of them.
Jay-Z Intro/A Million And One Questions/Rhyme No More

Classified- All About You

Another Canadian rapper that most people don't know about is classified. And Another slept on rapper from our friends up north. Rappers with a message is the rap i like to listen to. Hear what he has to say.

More K-Os

I remember listening to this dude in high school. From Canada another looked over HIP-HOP artist. I see TMO always knows about the good music and because he posted some new K-Os I wanted to put some of his old music up.

Single Speeds

The amount of people that have ditched their multi gear bicycles and picked up a savvy single speed fixed gear bike is astonishing. Looking around our campus here at VT I think i run into a single speed bike at least 3 or 4 times a day. In my eyes the single speed bikes are a direct result of the scenester movement that is also making headway to campus' all over the nation as well as the younger generation that isn't even in College yet. A recent visit to the University of Boulder in Colorado made me realize that we are pretty far behind in terms of the hipster culture movement, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, I mean we are in Southwest VA. Quoting my friend Cronin, "Single speed that shit" is something he would say when someone riding a silly multi speed bicylce would ride by. Bikes such as the one displayed above (belonging to my friend Zachary Madrigal) can be seen doing tricks n' shit including impressive balancing acts. Still don't know how I feel about them...maybe when it gets warmer i'll know.
If you are interested in the hipster scene check out the Hipster Runoff, a culturally relevant blog
Also check out this single speed themed shirt from the team over at Clockwise Clothing
Yes, that is Max Banzinger.

Kanye is a fan of Single Speeds apparently

Kanye West Ft. T-Pain - Flight School ::: Get It

Monday, February 23

Joe Metro

Blue Scholars. The only album I downloaded then had to buy because I respect their music so much. From Seattle the best underground rap group in my opinion. Bayani go get the album and support them.

Tmo: Couldn't help but add a personal favorite

Introduction: MIA's Baby & The Preggo Shuffle Rap

Apparently one of these women in here is Eminem's Mom. Is Eminem in her belly?

Please say hello, if you haven't already done so to M.I.A's baby

He looks like a cutie pie, and basically performed at the Grammy's before he even saw the day of light.
I wonder what he'll be when he grows up? A Thomas the Tank Engine? Maybe. Too young to think about that though

Celebrate with this:
Whatchadoin' (Disco Villains Remix) - N.A.S.A. Featuring M.I.A., Santogold and Spankrock ::: Get IT

Turn My Silly On

Bringing back that MJ vibe

Off his upcoming LP "Love vs. Money", The Dream teams up with Kanye West to produce another hit that will be played at least 10,000 times once it hits airwaves on 99.5. Until then, I will continue to listen to this hella funky jam.

Walking on the Moon
Good looks to NMC

Sunday, February 22

TV Actor turned Rapper turns out good? HOLY SHIT

So when former Degrassi actor Aubrey Graham, musically known as Drake, first appeared on the net, I assumed that I would be listening to verbal diarrhea for probably 20 seconds until I would click next. He actually turns out to be a very good listen, for both mainstream heads and those who shade towards the underground. On this track he goes in over Kanye's Say You Will and tell me your not impressed.

And if you like what you here, hit the link for his recent mixtape "So Far Gone" below........

Cop it:>> So Far Gone

Shout out to
gree(blue)n for the linkage.

Santogold Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne) - Unstoppable ::: Get It
saying cop it is so tight waffle

Fuck Land I'm On a Boat

First off sorry that we haven't been sharing with everyone for the past few days...just got back from a trip to Chapel Hill for and AEPi convention which was pretty amazing I had an incredible time there. During the trip I took the time to listen to multiple albums one of which included the newly released album named Incredibad by The Lonely Island. Before I give my review of the album let me reiterate how incredibly amazing and funny the music video for I'm On a Boat is. If you haven't seen it please go here right now.

Since this is Special Sauce I will be rating this album and any other future albums by the following categories; Mild, Hot, Fire.

Incredibad - For the $11.99 purchasing price, 19 tracks, and the 7 included videos from the iTunes store this was quite a bargain. I can say that having a high quality version of I'm on a Boat might make owning this album worth it. I was very happy to see that this album had all the classics included such as Lazy Sunday, Natalie's Rap, Dick in a Box and the more recent Jizz in My Pants. Andy and his crew are really quite rediculous and really white but they can make quality songs that I would definetly spin at parties. I already got a request for I'm on a Boat which I will gladly fill. Samberg and his crew are witty and pretty lewd when you pair that up with some good production work and some note worthy instrumentals the result is some of the funniest songs i've heard in a long time that you can somehow throw on at a party.
Verdict: HOT! This album is seductively saucy

The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (Dj Kue Remix) ::: Get It
The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants (Cousin Cole House Edit) ::: Get It

Natalie Portman scares my D

Friday, February 20

Jewish People Telling Jokes

It's 2:53 AM and I hate physics.
This made things better.

Notice that she's retired....(sort of)

I think the title of this song is quite appropriate as to how i'm feeling. The fact that i'm writing this instead of staring into my 10lb physics book should show everyone my dedication to the blog. The Knocks is composed of several HeavyRoc team members who are based in Ny,Ny. I hear they are all very handsome.
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (The Knocks Remix) :::: Get It

Thursday, February 19

Love me some K-OS.

k-os - 4,3,2,1 - k-os

Off his new album YES! coming out March 3rd, K-OS is someone you truly need to introduce yourselves. I don't even know how to describe his style, kind of a perfect blend of every about every genre. Now this, this is some SPECIAL SAUCE.

Wednesday, February 18

Covers Galore

Kay Pettigrew & Madison
What do these two artists have in common? Well, they both have lady parts, they enjoy singing, and they both put their own feminine touch on two songs that everyone reading this blog should be familiar with. The first cover by Kay Pettigrew is the intro song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the cover is soft and timid with all the appropriate sounds and progressions. I think you'll like it. Check out her Myspace she has some beautiful songs on it that are worth giving some time to.

The second cover is by another female known as Madison or maybe more appropriate for this cover Young Maddy. I was truly taken back when I heard this incredible interpretation of Lollipop. Just like Weezy, Maddy is able to adapt to the music and gives a touch of raspiness and some nasty production work that you will only hear to its full potential with a good sound system. The lows in this song are teeth shaking. I think you'll also appreciate Madison's explicitness as her pronunciation is a little clearer than Weezy's. Maybe because she doesn't smoke and sip sizzurp 24/7?

Kay Pettigrew - Fresh Prince of Bel Air cover :::: Get It
Madison - Lollipop Cover :::: Get It

BONUS TRACK - come here let me dope you
Lil Wayne Ft. Young Money - Every Girl :::: Get It

Tuesday, February 17

And No, I'm not talking about Cotton Swabs....

One of the members of legendary Hip-Hop crew, A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip re-entered the Hip/Hop scene with his recent solo LP, The Renaissance. So if your in the mood for some old school flavor Hip/Hop, jump aboard the abstract. Sometimes just the tip isn't such a bad thing....

Getting up - Q-Tip aka Kamaal aka Abstract

Welcome To Heartbreak video

New video out with Kanye and Kidi Cudi

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Leave your comments about what you think about the heartbreak album
I've got my opinion already

Embrace the Martian

Regardless of how much of a tool Kanye is right now, wow no homo. Protege and G.O.O.D. artist Kid Cudi is doing it biggggg. Different from the first listen, hence "embrace the martian", Kid Cudi is nevertheless a great listen either in the car, house speakers or headphones.

Think of him as the guy that should have been singing on 808's and Heartbreak, even though yes, I do think it was a solid album.

First up is literally audio crack(im not lying), in the form of electro group Crooker's remix of "Embrace the Martian", off of the mixtape: a Kid named Cudi. Which becomes increasingly hard to stop listening to after each play. And to finish it off here is a slower paced but equally dope cut off of a Kid named Cudi. Both songs have been out for a while now, just want to make sure that these reach as may ears as possible.

The Presets: This Boy's in Love

The Presets - Australian based dance punk duo who have recently gained awards such as best dance release and album of the year! The video below is a carefully choreographed freestlye dance ballet featuring children. How could you not watch it after a description like that?

Powder Mountain, Utah (:<>) .....Baby chicken

Powder Mountain Perspective from Ian Provo on Vimeo.

Link to the HighDefinition Version

This video shot at Powder Mountain found in Northern Utah. Where I just got back from, stayed in a sick condo with the rents, got drunk every night. My Dad saw me pouring vodka into my camelback and mixing it with that it doesn't freeze....He didn't believe me. Anyway's never made it to Powder Mountain but it looks nasty and so is this video, in HD also, looks so nice.

Shot on a 5DmkII, handheld, with a 15mm fisheye. Tried to capture the feeling of shredding a resort on a typical utah pow day.

Rolls Royce Da 5'9"

Royce Da 5'9" - "Part Of Me" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.

Don't stop watching this video if you start, I promise if you do you will miss something extra-ordinary. Thank you Heavy Roc for this vid.

Monday, February 16

I gotta post some JT now so that these people in the lewd photos above don't end my life.

Justin Timberlake - My Love (Casino Inc. Remix) :::: GET IT
Just for the Swag of it ::::::::::::::::::::::: Turn it on ..... GET IT

Transplant this into your brain

A HeavyRoc Music Production for everyone!
Fellow friend/colleague/dj/associate/pal Ben Ruttner aka Dj B-Roc recently made quite an awe inspiring mix that he posted for everyone's listening pleasure. It's 45 min in length and it is impressive the ENTIRE time, your legs are gonna be sore from the foot tapping. Below is a list of artists that make an apperance on the mix...yes i also got a little too excited and drooled a little also. His Blog is located HERE tell him you love him if you like this.

Dj B-Roc - The Transplant ::: GET IT

Mad Lion, Devendra Banhart, The Pet Shop Boys, Dj Teenwolf, Empire of The Sun, Katy Perry, Bag Raiders, Spank Rock, Cindy Lauper, The Mystery Jets, G.L.O.V.E.S, Thin White Duke, Does it Offend You Yeah, RIchard Sharkey, Sneaky Sound System, Vampire Weekend, The Knocks, Treasure Fingers, Sly & The Family Stone, Lykke Li, Club Feet, Ladyhawke, Kanye West, MGMT, Punks Jump Up, New Young Pony Club, Royksopp, Chairlift, Whitetown, Peter Sar, Carly Simon, Bodyrockers, Passion Pit, Frank Sinatra, The Twelves, The Beatles, Eagle Eye Cherry, Blur, Chromeo, Muscles, Diplo, The Talking Heads, Smashing Pumpkins, Samuel, U2, Eric Prydz, Lil Wayne, Barrington Levy, Neon Neon, Madonna, Q Lazarus, Kate Bush, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, The Mummers, Cut Copy.

Saturday, February 14

This here is baby makin' music.

Lately I've been hearing about this whole "economic crisis" business on the news. Well, it's pretty obvious to me what the economy needs right now; Marvin Gaye has been saying it for years.

Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye :: Fix the economy.

Happy VD y'all.

Who Knew Vegetables We're so Intense?

The Bloody Beetroots

Bloody Beetroots Vs. Lil Wayne -
We Are From Venice / Lollipop LISTEN | GET IT

Friday, February 13

"The new Pete & CL is Exile & BL"

ITS MOTHA F***** Friday!

So it's Friday, and I know all of you out there are excited. I myself am in a great mood, ignoring the fact that I just got raped by a geography test. But now I'm back at my place, in a great mood, thanks in part to the man to the side, L.A. based MC Blu. In case you didn't know, the west coast is blowinnggg up again due to artists such as U.N.I, Evidence, and Blu just to name a few. Blu however, is on a level all by himself imo. In 2007, he released his debut album Below The Heavens, which was produced entirely by L.A. producer Exile.

This CD EASILY BREAKS TOP 5 OVERALL BEST CD's in the last ten years! Please! find a way to listen to this cd, anyway you can. Attached is a little taste of Below The Heavens and a song off his recent mixtape So(ul) Amazin with a classic Old School sample. Hope you enjoy it, have a great weekend everybody.

sidenote: I will change that to top 5 hip/hop albums imo.
Blu & Exile >>MyBoyBlu
Blu & Exile >>So(ul)Amazin'(Steel Blazin')

Thursday, February 12

I've Been Hanging Out w/ Russell...Doin' Yoga

Even though Fitty Cent does yoga with Russell he's actually not soft. He's eats baseball bats actually, the one he's holding is like a stick of celery to him, with some peanut butter in the middle like in Parent Trap? maybe no. Anyways, he has a new track out named Tia Told Me... idk what that means but maybe you can tell me;

HeavyRoc brought Tia Told Me to my attention, thanks HeavyRoc!

How My Body Tells Me It Likes Something

Maybe it's just me, but I hope that other people can say they know exactly what I'm talking about. I just listened to one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in my entire 20 years, 2 months, 12 days and about 2.5 hours of being alive. Imogen Heap. I'd like to thank you for giving this to the world, you are amazing and there a whole lot of goosebumps that somehow find their way onto me when this streams into my ears.

---Goosebumps guaranteed---

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek | --> GET IT
Tiesto Remix - Hide and Seek | --> GET IT

Wednesday, February 11

Radiohead/Amplive: The Rainydayz Remixes

In 2008, Amplive, one half of California Hip/Hop duo Zion, took Radiohead's acclaimed "In Rainbows" and took it into his chop shop. The result was his controversial mixtape, The Rainydayz Remixes, which was only recently released officially after copyright issues were resolved with Radiohead. IMO, you need to do a pretty damn good job in order to do Radiohead justice, and Amplive might have done just that.
Below is both my favorite cut off of the mixtape and the mixtape itself. Enjoy.

The Lonely Island makes a hit - T-Pain got invited

hipsters, rockers, celebrities, and drag queens

Photographer/party enthusiast by the name of Bronques started lastnightsparty in order to show all the people that were too sane or maybe to ordinary to deal with the scenester situation happening in major cities all over this world. Bronques basically gets invited to some of the sexiest parties known to man kind and brings his equally as sexy camera to document allthegirlsstandinginthelineforthebathroom
as well as other things. (click photo for high-res)

Check his site out if you like titties and everythign that goes with them...

SONG :::: Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonight Remix) | GET IT

Just forgot to mention that Benny Blancs, yes, Benny Boom, Benny Blanco, probably better known as Ben Levin performed at the MTVu Woodie awards with Spank Rock and was featured on YEAAA BEN BOOG, how are you so tight? noone will ever know.

Tuesday, February 10

R.I.P. J-Dilla

Today marks the anniversary of the death of hip/hop producer J-Dilla, who died from complications of Lupus in 2006. Working with the likes of Common, A Tribe Called Quest, D'Angelo, and Talib Kweli just to name a few, "Your favorite producer's favorite producer" will be remembered for his unbelievable creativity and unique sound.

Off his final album, The Shining.

Animal Collective - My Girls Music Video

Animal Collective:
Originally from Baltimore, Maryland. Members of the band are Dave Portner (Avey Tare) Noah Lennox (Panda Bear), Brian Weitz (Geologist). This group met in high school and have been experimenting with many different styles of music since. They utilize a lot of different synths and samplers during their performances as you can see in the amazing video found below. Their newest Cd named Merriweather Post Pavilion has taken on the theme of water and in turn their whole album has become textured with this water feeling. They use a lot of vocal interplay and layering in their songs to give them such a rich textured quality. They also believe that music and visuals should go together and they have thus created music videos/animations for each of their songs on the CD. This song in particular is about Panda Bear trying to find a house for his wife and kids, you'll notice the water theme come up many times throughout the video.

Be sure to throw some full screen on this bitch and be warned you might find yourself lost for 5:46 seconds in a shallow water lagoon type situation, it will be nice though. Thank you May Mahmoudi for the first-rate information

Full Screen HD version

What Can A Little Ink Do For You?

Tonight's post contains some brand spanking new releases from a good friend of mine.

Ok I lied, most of these productions aren't new but rather repolished gems from producer/song writer Ink. This release has a variety of styles including jazz, Latin classical guitar, classic rock, and dirty electro all topped off with a hip hop flavor that creats something sweet and unique.

Give it a listen. If Jay-Z and Jane doesn't make you want to get up and geek out, then try out some Self Made. It'll get you grinding so hard, you might want to lube up before hitting the dance floor...ew.

Ink: The Mixtape |
Get it.

Be sure to stop by and give him some myspace lovin, and to hear a more softer side of Ink on the player.

Monday, February 9

Lil' Wayne Bowling

Katie Couric & Weezy F. Baby

Welcome to the best!

We would like to welcome everyone to Special Sauce!
Here at you will find a very unique combination of sounds, visuals, and feelings...inside your heart of course. YES we will touch your soul via the internet, how/WHY?? Well because all of us here at Special Sauce are ready to give you our hearts. As long as you stay faithful to us and scratch our backs. I hope you enjoy everything we deliver to your computer monitor. Like milk but not your doorstep

Yours truly
Special Sauce

We'll love you THIS much!
Puppy Love

  • SONG :::: Lykke Li - Little bit | Get it