Monday, February 28

Oscar Nominated Documentaries

Many of our readers have probably caught wind of the brief documentary released by Jeremy Gillam. Growing up with Ben I can say 100% he is and will always be the person I've know him as. That is something that I've got to commend him on. Not many people can stay humble and true to themselves while in the position that Ben finds himself in.
Luckily he has amazing friends and the best manager a brother could ask for, his own damn brother!!! But Ben doesn't really care about the extravagant, he never has... As long as he has food that makes his tummy feel good and loved ones around him he is as happy as a dinosaur... if it was in the movie Armageddon... if Armageddon really happened... That kind of made sense?
Anyways I've also included the elusive Neon Hitch documentary below Benny's. Neon is truly cut from a different cloth! If you've spent any time around her you'd know exactly what I mean by this.
Backstory: Neon's family was chosen to be filmed for a documentary on Gypsies living in Britain. Neon was the main focus of the documentary and she makes an amazing impression in this short documentary. Take the time to watch both and set the bar for yourself when you read about other musicians, because these two really are something to admire.

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