Thursday, August 20

Smooth Sess

Never Too Much- Luther Vandross(ODahls K-Love Remix)

Everybody Knows- John Legend(RAC Mix)

Going Fine- 14KT ft. Dibiase

Turn up the Lights

So it's been a while, life is hard when you charger breaks for your laptop and then they mailed it to the house where you used to live. But you were never on the lease, they just continually return the mail to the sender. Finally got it though. Up first we got a few songs that have gotten some play since i've got my computer up and running. Shout out to Amir for turning me onto J-Cole, dude is dope.

Lights Please- J-cole

G.O.O.D- XV ft. Really Doe

In the A.M.- Black Milk

Wednesday, August 5

Major Lazer

My absence from Special Sauce has been long and cold but I hope that this brand spankin new video from Major Lazer (Diplo & Switch) makes up for it... The song is called Pon de Floor and it drops harder than 99.9999% of the songs out there, you just need the subs to hear it happen.
make sure to full screen this -ishhhh

Monday, August 3