Wednesday, March 9


Watup Saucers,

This yo main bitch Cristobal. I been organizing in PG County Maryland, letting folks now about the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which would allow the gays full marriage equality. When people find out that Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships withhold thousands of rights that are inherent to Marriage (like social security survivor's benefits) they slowly realize that SEPARATE AIN'T EQUAL!

... like we haven't figured that shit out already.

THE vote is scheduled for this Friday afternoon, and will make Maryland the 6th state to allow gay marriage. This Is History (aka the got damn future).

check this vid to get knowledged:

then this to get silly:

Wishing I Had Crazy Girl on Train w me,

cox out, No Homo.

I thought these guys Died

Resurrected from the dead Die Antwoord as in my opinion come and gone. They had the momentum of a fat kid on a water slide but they lost it just like when that kid's trunks came off as he hit the pool. I guess they're still trying to swim with the big sharks because they just released a new video and yes it is just as ridiculous as any of there other vids. I'm not as excited about this original "Zef" group as I was the first time around. Song is cleverly labeled Rich Bitch, it includes gold toilets, one kitten, bunny, gold cat suit and Dj Artech? who I thought was like 200 lbs heavier. I guess not. Ps. I was kidding about the clever part.

Tuesday, March 8

Paper Crows

Looking back through some of my blog emails I came across one from George Lenton, UK electronica producer. His work is spot on with my interests wobbly bass, angelic vocals and of course goosebumps. He has taken "Follow the Leader" by the Paper Crows and made into something more beautiful than the original. The track comes dives in and out of the dub wobble throughout the entire 4:26 seconds and makes you feel like your floating the other half of the time. As much justice as Lenton has done this song the Paper Crows have taken Dub and implemented it into their music in such a perfect way! Its fits like a lock and key and the lead singer's voice compliments the heavy dub with no questions asked. You HAVE to check them out.

Paper Crows - Follow the Leader (George Lenton Remix) Download on the right side of the player

Friday, March 4

While I'm on the Subject

... of rising young hip hop groups from cities let me mention Chiddy Bang from Pennsylvania. This duo of "Chiddy" and Xaphoon Jones was begun in 2008 and they have since gotten a lot of people excited about what they are doing. Xaphoon is the man behind the majority of the beats and melodies and was known before Chiddy Bang was created for his remixes of indie songs while they were just brewing on the blog world. With Chiddy on the hot beats you've got an indie hip hop wet dream. This combination makes for a pretty catchy sound! So catchy that the likes of Kanye and Pharrell have taken time out of their busy schedules to help these two out. Now nominated for the MTVu Woodie Awards for Best Video They will be big in a short period of time. Check the video below and follow the link to the download of their most recent album.

Chivalry is Dead

I beg to differ Sire! According to the Round Table Knights chivalry is still very much in existence. I first came across RTK after hearing a remix they did and being completely blown away by it! Not only was I blown away, but everyone (with any decent music taste haha) I played it for experienced love at first sight (with their ears duh). Embrace the Martian made famous by Kid Cudi is the track I am referring to. You can find it below of course!

So back to RTK, I just bought their album from BeatPort and I wanted to share a few thoughts about it. At first listen some of the songs just don't sit right at first but after a 2nd round it comes around much more nicely. They list themselves as Disco/Psychodelic/Surf! It's amazing how people can do such a good job describing their music because that is spot on. The things I love about this album is the usage of so many small noises that just tickle you and keep you smiling or nodding your head. A lot of interesting instrumentals and I feel like they were live instrumentals which is always a plus in my book. Keeping the listeners interest is what matters the most obviously, and although the tracks sometimes feel a bit too repetitive they always do a wonderful of creating a drop you want to dance to. Below is a super official compilation of many of the tracks. I think All Night and collectively all of the short songs less than 2 minutes are my fave. Check them out...

Tuesday, March 1

The Deans List

It's The Dean's List hails from Boston, MA and they have a fresh new mixtape out named the Drive In. The internet is opening lots of doors these days so if they're smart like they imply they'll use all the web hotspots to spread their music. I remember the days when Cudi and Posner had their mixtapes playing all over the blog world before they got any radio play or mega recognition. Wish these guys the best of luck, spread the love for them! Short music video clip they have is below, follow the link for the mixtape after the jump

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