Monday, March 30

Return of the Mack

Instructions: Play song, watch picture simultaneously.
Wait for the minute-mark for shit to get crazy

Return of the Mack- Mark Morrison(Laidback Luke Remix)

Shouts out to whitefolksgetcrunk

Not your everyday Viking

Introducing Viking. Surprisingly i couldn't find much about this guy. But this man doesn't need a bio to realize how dope he is. Below are three remixes that I have gotten my hands on. A remix of Kid Cudi's "Dat New", Chris Browns "Freeze" and Akons "Beautiful". Mstrkrft fans enjoy, all three are very good listens and should be played in rowdy circumstances in particular. Shout out to Kyle for putting me onto Viking, looking forward to what hes gonna continue to put out.

Dat New- Kid Cudi(Viking Remix)

Beautiful- Akon(Viking Remix)

Freeze- Chris Brown(Viking Remix)


The Best Birthday Present Ever - Watch more Funny Videos

He should've just asked for a steak and a blowj if you ask me... maybe a steak also?? too much?
He should just save that for the male day of Valentines

Speaking about 21st birthdays mine is quickly approaching and I am getting verrrry excited for it. Hopefully something of that caliber will occur and make things saucy. I do have to note here that Special Sauce was not named after man product, so please do not misunderstand the situation. Back to the 21st, David "Natty Dreds" Clark just had his 21st this past Saturday so congratulate him if you are lucky enough to run into him on the daily grind, if you didn't know he is one of the authors on this blog and he is a Jewish Rastafarian.
David being so dreadlocked on the left after devouring MSG laced food in Ny during NewYears. Click the Pic

Thursday, March 26

Post #101

Yea it's hard to believe, but we did it, and we did it not only for ourselves but for everyone out there as well. So please help us out and spread the special sauce.
I don't really have anything special to do in honor of this occasion other than to provide you with more tantalizing music.

These silly white boys drinking whole milk above call themselves The Whitest Boy Alive. They are from Germany and I am not really sure if those are wigs on their heads. It doesn't really matter though, we're here to talk about their music talent not their looks. I just bought their album Dreams and I think I safely say that enjoy every single one of the 10 songs that are on it. Their genre is described as dreampop/minimalist pop which basically means exactly what you just imagined. Simple, bubbly, and catchy tunes that you will most likely find very nice on your ears. So give them a chance in your busy life and I think you will be very pleased with what you hear...

Chromeo - Call Me Up (Bag Raiders Remix) ::: Get It
Press play below

Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see...

sometimes your words just hypnotize me.
Never quite heard a Biggie cover like this before.
Different but definitely on point.

Ben Black's cover of Biggie's Hypnotize

"Ben Black-Hypnotize Cover"

Thanks to Amir for the heads up

Thursday = puppies

Wednesday, March 25

O Face

MSTRKRFT took O Fortuna and mixed it into quite the impressive intro to one of their live shows. Check it out below...

Shoutout: Alex Choe


Bringing the Heat

Damn. Pac Div did it again.
"If you want some real life, serious but at the same time humorous, raw lyrics, raw beats, on some classic real hip-hop shit, then listen to Pac Div"

Pacific Divison- Shut Up!
"Get it"

My man Swiff D was on production on the previous song, check out him here. If you check it out, which you definitely should, hit up 1:45, where he flips the Doug Theme Song.

Man you some crazy mutha f****s!

Sometimes I really wonder if these guys are even sane. Probably not. A couple of my friends are telling me that I should come to a concert in NYC with them. Although I have to say that I would most likely die there, them and Mstrkrft in concert is probably worth it. Here's a new video that will automatically make your your day a little crazier. If you don't believe me, look what this did to my little pony after one listen.

Below is the madness of Stevi Aoki and the Bloody Beetroots- song entitled- Warp

Shoutout to AlwaysHustle

Tuesday, March 24

It's Shady in Paris

If you look above you will find three gentleman. These three make up a group named Friendly Fires, like many bands they started at an early age, 14, and fought their way to where they are now, which is... GLORY!!!!!! Their sound is labeled as Pop, Disco house, and shoegaze (which means their live performances are spent gazing at their shoes apparently) but they are also supposed to be great live so if you get a chance to see them don't pass it up. Their songs are filled with great progressions and the music will no doubt take control of your body regardless of what you're feeling like. Below you'll find a video for one of their biggest hits named Paris as well as two remixes that I really enjoy...

Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix) - Friendly Fires
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Paris (Aeroplane Remix) - Friendly Fires
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BONUS - Just goes with the Paris theme and the current genre
Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix) - Ladyhawke
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"A little optimism in these dark times"

Introducing P.O.S. Off his recent album "Never Better", P.O.S. talks about the happier and everyday things in life over a beat made with the help of plastic cups(watch the video and you'll know what I mean). P.O.S. is a rapper out of Minneapolis with an interesting background. His unique style can be attributed to his High School punk rock and Hip-Hop infatuation. He's a member of Rhymesayers, one of my favorite labels...Atmosphere, Brother Ali, MF Doom, being the main reasons. Haven't gotten a chance to listen to his album yet, but if its anything like this song, I can get down with it.

Monday, March 23

"Play me in your whip, I'm so ill you'll get car sick"

This man is a beast with wordplay. Has a beast flow. And after one listen you will understand what im talking about. Never talks about slangin crack or pimping hoes, but manages to go hard on every track. If you know whats good for you, you can check out Hip-Hop Weekly, where Crooked released a freestyle for a whole year straight every week. The intro starts off with "When did "fight the power" become "wait till you see my dick?", and Crooked I sets off on his journey to bring back classic West Coast hip-hop.
Introduce yourselves to Crooked I. Good looks 2Dopeboyz.

"If You Ever Hear Me"

"Get it"

"Back in the game like Grant Hill"

out of the UK, producer Endemic lays down some heat on the boards for MC's Sean Price, Ruste Juxx, Sav Killz to rhyme over. Off his March 24th album, Terminal Illness, these two tracks should be getting play around the world. I've notice that most of favorite up-and-coming producers are from all over the world, but international producers are putting out some of the best work right now. And as you can by the list on the album art work, the supporting cast is going to do the album right.

Get it :>>Endemic- Comin to Kill"

Get it :>>"Endemic- Im Show Ya"

Everyone is beautiful here

Saturday, March 21

"Good Music isn't Extinct"

Introducing: Bossasaurus, an electronic/hip-hop duo out of oakland.
So tune your ears in for 15 minutes of damn funky goodness.
"Bossasaurus- Dino-Rider's Mega Mix"

These guys are onto something. Hit up there Myspace and every song you hear will be dope. No Lie.


Ask yourself this question

Fifty People, One Question: Brooklyn from Fifty People, One Question on Vimeo.

Once upon a time, we awoke with a new question on our mind. We didn't quite know what the buzz and bustle of a Brooklyn afternoon would bring. In search of nothing more than some fresh answers, we found a few dreams instead.

It's a simple question and the answers can lead us anywhere. So go ahead, ask yourself…

Visit and post your response.

We also asked this question in London -

Can't Tell Him Nothin'

Like A Cowboy Boot

Thursday, March 19

Please try to catch him, the Kid that is

If Kid Cudi hasn't grabbed your attention yet then you need to dedicate 3:32 minutes of your time to the track that's posted below. I don't know if this talk about him retiring is true or not but I surely hope it resembles something close to Jay-Z's retirement.

"I Became A Snoop Dogg Millionaire"


Well, Snoop surely has taken it to the next level. Not sure if he got it right this time, but mixing Hip-Hop with Dub could amazing if someone did it right.

Glad I quit soccer at an early age

For those that enjoy subtitles...

This video contains everything you will ever need to know if you're trying to keep your life in a legit sushi bar.

shoutout: Jeffery Katz

Wednesday, March 18


IBS? Well, no. This is Intelligent Dance Music. What could this possibly mean? This genre of music is one worth investigating. Basically it is a combination of experimental sounds mixed with ambient harmonics and electric music. Yes it is quite a lot to stomach but oh my does this make some amazing music to listen to. One artist that is prominent in this music genre is Apparat. His real name is Sascha Ring and he is from Berlin. Although he is not considered to be trully in the IDM genre his music is pretty close to it. His style is melodic and really puts you into a delicious trance that you wont regret. So watch and more importantly listen to the video below and enjoy it like you'd enjoy a sandwich, but cut in half and diagonally. Yea I know how you like it...

South Lake's own T Kennedy tearing up the airwavesss

In there own words,
"Baltimore Beatdown: Hosted by Scabby D and T-Velvet(Thomas Kennedy).
The new time is...
Wednesday nights (technically Thursday mornings) from 12am-2am. Spread the word.

It's a hip-hop show, but we talk when we feel like it, which will be often.
Baltimore Beatdown is on the air once again & tonight we gon' do it extra hard for our boy Gucci Mane from 12 AM - 2 AM. That's right, the Gucci Man himself is out of jail and back on the streets. That means you listeners need to holla at all your texaco shawties and make the trap aye with us tonight!

Tune in at midnight by turning your radio dial to 90.9 FM. If you're outside our broadcast area, listen online at

Also, feel free to get at us live on air and tell the world how Gucci changed your life: Call 757 221 3268"

Tuesday, March 17


Yelle is quite attractive.... so is the song below.

Yelle - Cause des Garons (Sta Remix)

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Time of Absence

Firstly I'm sorry that the posts have been so slim in the past week, with spring break and no charger for my macbook I was left empty handed and without the ability to post daily.
Hopefully you will accept my apology and continue to return back for your daily portion of saucy deliciousness every day.

So here's something that will make you shake your booty....

Excuse me Diddy, is that a Mustache I notice on your face? Oh why yes I think it is exactly that.
I feel better growing my mustache out now knowing that at some point in his life, Diddy was also rockin a fresh stach. I'm sure he gave out loads of mustache rides on the daily. So below you will find a remix of Mo Money Mo Problems which is a great philosophy by the way. Laidback Luke sure did this song justice. Check it out below....

Notorious BIF (Ft. Puff Daddy & Mase) - Mo Money Mo Problems (Laidback Luke Bootleg)
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Bonus Track that I don't think you're ready for....
KanyeVsJusticeVsSoulwaxVsWalterMurphy - Let There Be Love / Beethoven Lock Down
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Get Both Here
Shoutout - Cara Seligman

Monday, March 16

B.J. the Chicago Kid

When it's dreary as shit out, everyone needs a little pick me up.
B.J. the Chicago Kid's cover of Joe's "I Wanna Know"
dude can sing.

B.J. the Chicago Kid - "I Wanna Know" from b.j. the chicago kid on Vimeo.

Stay Up(Viagra) - 88 Keys ft. Kanye West

I have to admit this is very entertaining.

Friday, March 13

Heressss Joeyy

He's a Harlem MC that has been in the game a longgggg timeeeeeee but i'm still not sure what I think of Joe Budden. This particular song off his new album "Padded Room", is a metaphor from what I have gathered for his battle against drugs or depression, or probably both. "Exxxes" is a interesting listen and i've found myself replaying it a fair amount over the last couple days. Check it out.
and if you happen to like diss tracks where people get shitted on, please check out the track below where Budden GOooSsssssssssss offffffffff. Back a month a go when Saigon and Budden were trading diss tracks, "Pain in his Life" ended the battle. Favorite line from Budden talking about Saigons prison terms, "He went in a tight end and came out a wide receiver". RUDE.

Thursday, March 12

Epic Fail

In case you didn't know Nicolas Cage is a terrible actor.
In case you didn't know this is one of the worst movies i've ever seen.
In case you didn't know this is actually hilarious


The Alchemist. Blu. Kid Cudi. Evidence. Need I say more.Off the Alchemist's recent album "The Alchemist Cookbook"

Tuesday, March 10

If you need a Translator

If you can't understand what most rappers are talking about, maybe these two can help interpret for you.
Sophisticated Freestyle

Muse’s version of Feeling Good.

I don't know anything about this band, but I watch Will Smith's movie Seven Pounds last night and this song stuck out the most. This is a cover of Nina Simones cover of feeling good which was released in 1965. The original was composed by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for the 1965 musical The Roar of the Greasepaint—the Smell of the Crowd. If You haven's seen the movies you should, its life changing. Just look at how every fan knows every word, now thats dedication, even though most probably would not know who originally created this song. So enjoy.

Monday, March 9

One time for your mind

I've got a TREAT for Electronic /trip-hop fans today or anyone that enjoys putting on a song/cd and letting your mind float off. Burial, a Dubstep producer (subgroup of electronic that has recently emerged from the UK), has been on constant repeat on my computer, ipod, car, you name it. His music has a mystical sound, taking your mind to wherever you want to go. Below are two cuts off his sophomore album "Untrue", which is definitely worth a purchase.



Would you like fries with that?

Sunday, March 8

Oh Herro.

Let me introduce you to Nate Tao. Nate has entered a contest where the winner has the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the National Museum of American History Celebration of Flag Day in Washinton D.C. and a Baltimore Orioles game on June 14th. This kid has talent. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

Rate the video 5 stars to show some love.

Join his facebook group and alert the internet.

Godspeed Nate, you're our Asian-American Idol.

A Benny Blanco is born

Almost 21 years ago Sandy Beaver Trail (her would be porn star name) birthed a handsome Benjamin Levin into this world. Old wind up clocks wound themselves, foreign beer bottles changed to twist tops, Koala bears started speaking. Who would've ever thought that a Benny like the one you see on the left here, would one day rise to ranks many of us only dream of. His passion to become a musician has always been in his blood and he is one of the hardest working people I know. Already, at the young age of 21, Ben has worked with some of the most influential artists in the music industry, including Britney, Bustah, R-Kelly, Kylie, Katie Perry...the list goes on and on. Having graduated form South Lakes High School I think it is safe to say that Benny > Grant Hill, by a long shot. I wish you a happy birthday and many more pictures taken on toilets. Much love and success to you!
Special Sauce

Saturday, March 7

I bought this baby straighttttttt cashhhhh

Smokinggggg crackkkkkk in a gangsta's paradiseeeeeee. Our man Coolio was arrested yesterday on crack cocaine charges at
LAX. I don't know about you guys, but I never suspected drug use use from this artist. I mean I could picture Hannah Montanan going down on some meth charges, but Coolio???????? I mean look at the picture, if that doesnt say sober I dont know what does. All dude was trying to do was maybe fly a little high...........sources say Coolio's friends are still struggling to decide whether to pay to the $10,000 bail or use the money else where.

You mean crack isn't a strand of weed?

Friday, March 6

76° on Sat? ohhhh snap

This Monday we had the very first kind of delay that I've expirienced at VT since my Freshman year, we got dumped on pretty hard and it was probably like 16°...lets fast's gonna be 76° on Saturday. You need to go outside fool, work your muscles and not sit on your couch touching yourself. Need some inspiration? Check out this throw back track from Outkast's debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

OutKast - Git Up, Git Out

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Thursday, March 5

God Father of Soul and Pavarotti

This is a mans world. Two of the worlds best singers James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti together while both were alive. The mix of these two styles of music is incredible, and lets not forget the full orchestra to accompany them. This being one of my favorite James Brown songs I felt the need to share it with you. RIP JB and LP.

Guess what IFH stands for

Watch this video if you're a smart person

I guess this is what the 80's were like

Directed by Nicholaus Goossen. Featuring Mickey Avalon, Andre Legacy, Shwayze, Cisco Adler, Evidence, and DJ AM.

Get Seduced by Sébastien

Sebastien Tellier is one of the most harmonic and sensual singers that my ears have heard. His songs are capable of relaxing your body and mind to a point where you should just hit replay and continue melting into your chair. Born in Paris, Sebastien sings in English, French and Italian. His voice will smooth all your worries away like a knife spreading warm strawberry jelly on a piece of recently toasted english muffin. The video features oversized suculent lips, women that resemble real life smurfs and Tellier playing a white grand piano on a beach. Ce Ahhhh.....

Bonus track for those who are memorized by what they just heard....

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (A-Trak remix) -
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Morning Sauce - Fever Ray

Fever Ray is the name of the musical project as well as the album from artist Karin Andersson, you may also know her as making up one half of the well known group The Knife. After winning a number of prestigious awards on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd albums with her brother who formed the other half of the Knife, Karin composed for Fever Ray during her post-natal period. The music is described as Psychodelic, Emo and Ambient. It trully is just that, but this remix that I found of their song When I Grow Up on Discobelle is a real nice rework. The vocals ride a wave of calm and almost resemble a female animal collective sound, surrounded by child laughter and harmonic futuristic lasers and bleeps as well as what sounds like a Ocarina from Zelda or something like that... Just listen to it below...

Wednesday, March 4

Sleep Walking Dog

Just watch this video, if you dont laugh there is something wrong with you.

America's (about to be) Most Blunted

In a few lucky states marijuana is almost, barely, OH BABY I'M SO CLOSE Never failing to stay ahead of the curve, California had a bill introduced by state law maker Tom Ammiano from San Francisco. The main advocacy group behind the proposal was *gasp* NORML, which has been even offered estimates to conservative states such as Texas in light of the United States EPIC FAIL economically. The bill uses the most conservative estimates from the taxing of buying selling and growing, a conservative estimate of....14 BILLION DOLLARS (you should blast cha ching cha ching by Killa cam and re read that last sentence).

Of course the response from the law enforcement community, most conservative law makers, and people that don't remember the end of prohibition, is outrage. The usual fears of increased usage leading to laziness, more car accidents, health problems blah blah heard it before. People forget that alcohol underwent a similar change, at first being criminalized by the Progressive party (which pulled a T.I. and J.T. Dead and Gone) during the early 20th century, outlawed, and legalized absolutely to help stem budget shortfalls from the beginning of the Great Depression. An average of 3 nation wide polls (Rassmusen, CBS News, Zogby) was 40% support for legalization, the highest recorded average ever. 13 states have already passed significant decriminalization measures, and several more are going through the process of adding new measures lessening penalties.

Either way, you should just probably move to California. Don't believe and here.
If you need more info, don't talk to your local hippe.

Morning Sauce - The Male Mariah Carey

Side note that has nothing to do with Boats or Hoes: if you like the NBA then you'll enjoy my maaaaan's blog...Toughest Juice

Tuesday, March 3

Dear Bosom Buddies,

Tmo and I have been a little post happy today. But it's certainly not a bad thing.
We hope you are enjoying this beautiful blog.
Special Sauce

Crash & Burn is the fourth single taken from the critically acclaimed album "Behind Blue Eyes" by Form One.

Directed and shot by Tobias Martinsson.

Stop motion by Syskonen Brogren.

Thank you Discobelle

The Roots and Jimmy Fallon do the news....Slow Jam style

In case you didn't hear by now, Jimmy Fallon has a late night show. And in case you didn't also didnt know, The Roots are the house band. Wellll Welllllll, WEellllllll Wellll.


This band is a Norweigian based electronic duo composed of these two men below. One's named Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge. They have some of the most impressive music videos out there as well as sounds. Check them out below, you will recognize Remind Me probably and Happy Up There is a brand new video release that you will love just as much.

Oldies Flavor

Coming out of Miami, Quest in his own words is " just a kid who happens to know how to rhyme, who happens to know how to wear gigantic headphones, who happens to listen to Coldplay 7 days a week". He just dropped "Distant travels into Soul Theory", a mixtape comprised of Quest going in on looped 70's soul samples. Here's a little taste below with the whole package on the bottom.
Shouts out to 2dopeboyz for the heads up.
Distant Travels Into Soul Theory
Get it>>:Quest-DTIST

Sunday, March 1

Handsome boy modeling school

This uniquely named group is a collaboration between a man who calls himself Dan the Automator and Prince Paul (produced for De La Soul). They worked on creating parodies of the snobby upper class and the Hollywood glamor that is so prevalent in much of the young generation. According to their wikipedia page (which is always 100% factual) they are no longer together based on business conflicts. Just a reminder: don't go into business with your friends, you won't be friends anymore.

Let me share a few songs with you guys right down below here.

Kanye Tells His Stories

As much as people weren't really prepared for the style Kanye brought in 808's & Heartbreak it has inspired a much needed movement and growth of ingenuity and originality in the music industry. Of course Kanye didn't do it all by himself. Artists such as Kid Cudi and Animal Collective have been experimenting with their sound and they are now starting to take music in an entirely new direction that really inspires the best in all of us.

I want to auto-tune my entire life?

Anyway's below you will find a series of videos from the VH1 show called Storytellers. Kanye spills some of the reasoning behind his latest album and reworks songs in ways you would never expect. Check out all the videos here. I think I like Touch the Sky the best. There are 7 more videos on the VH1 site.


Speech, speech, speech

Touch the Sky

Kid Cudi reps NERD in this track below as he gets dirty on Spazzin'

BONUS TRACK just because I love you and this track is super dope.
Kid Cudi - Day N' Night (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

>>>Get Them<<<

Just plain old amazing...

Some musicians are good at one trade, whether thats singing, producing, engineering, or playing an instrument. Ryan Leslie is all of these things, and not afraid to call this dude a genius. Afterall, he did graduate from Harvard at 19 and scored a 1600 on his SAT's. After watching his Youtube channel for probably the last two hours, I can't help but just be amazed at what this guy is able to do musically. And personally, hes the man behind Me & U. Which I shouldn't have to explain due to the image on the right.

What I'm putting up is a radio show where Leslie is given a keyboard, lollipop, and asked to improv. he just ........well you see for youself(skip to 1:00 for beginning)

Pacific Division

Coming out of L.A., Pacific Division, rap trio comprised of members Mibbs, BeYoung,and Like, are doing bigg thingss. Mixing both contemporary rap while staying true to old school roots, give yourself a taste with there recent self-titled track "Pac Div". Always dressing fresh, always coming correct on the mic, these guys give hip-hop a good name.