Tuesday, April 28

Merch Line

I guess it's about time for me to start making merch and this is the very first item that has been stamped with something related to Dj Lova so I thought i'd share it with you! My loving and caring roommates (+1) decided to get this designed and printed for me in light of my recent 21st birthday. Thank you guys so much once again! A shoutout goes to the designer Mr. Madrigal!

I couldn't leave you guys hanging without something special of course...

This is the Dreadsquad. I'm still not so sure as to how many individuals are in the group itself but they make hotness. Based in Poland, their goal for the past 7 years has been to spread the love of reggae music through the lands of their homeland. I'm ready to be traveling through Europe and hear music that I would never expect to rendevoux with. Feel free to visit their Myspace as well as download their 8 track album below.

Dreadsqaud - The Fugees vs. Max Romeo - Ready Or Not
This track is included in the blend found just below

Dreadsquad & Papa Zura - Play that Blend vol 2

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thepoptimist said...

When are you making shirts? I need to rock that shittt.