Tuesday, April 21

Neo-Soulquarian Groovology: aka getting your grown man on

Now this duo truly has an interesting story of how they met. 1/2 of Little Brother, North Carolina rapper Phonte was a frequent poster on Hip/hop website Okayplayer when he begin talking with Dutch producer Nicolay. Having listened to Nic's instrumentals online, Phonte asked for permission to rhyme over somes beats and thus The Foreign Exchange was born. What followed is nothing short of brilliance of my opinion.Now let me just say this, THEY NEVER MET IN PERSON ONCE until after they released their critically acclaimed debut album Connected in 2004. And damn was it good(ask anyone who's listened to it). Since 2004, the duo laid low and I wondered when I would get to listen to another album. And last fall, they released "Leave it all Behind", which is a great album that features basically the same production but instead of Phonte rapping, he is singing. The first album was so good that I was skeptical of how "Leave it all Behind" could even compare, but this neosoul take on the FE is worth every cent you spend on the cd(I bought it twice). Today, the FE was luckily to grace us with a video of "Take off the Blues" which happens to be my favorite song off the album, followed by a short clip of "Valediction". Darien Brockington also graces the song with his soulful voice.

Now as you may have noticed by what I've posted, I love when songs and samples are flipped. Below is both the studio and final version of producer/rapper/singer Novel flipping Kid Cudi's Sky Might Fall. So lemme know what you think, cause this is one neolish song in my opinion.

Sky Might Fall(Soul-Mix)- Novel

"Cop it!"
Props to Onsmash

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Dj Lova said...

This is a hot ass track, Novel did good things with it