Sunday, April 12

Mmmmmorning Sauce

It's 2:34 on this beautiful Sunday afternoon but for many of us this signifies only the beginning of our day and maybe even the week. As you spend your afternoon getting you're bearings straight and curing whatever injuries you may have incurred during this weekend take some time to check out M83. The video posted below is a result of a video contest that M83 hosted for their newest album.

M83 is classified as a Dream Pop band meaning their vocals are smooth and are usually layered over synths and extensive reverb effects with melodic keyboard or guitar tracks. I'm also including a super seductive track below this named Skin of the Night by M83. Anthony Gonzalez, the brains behind M83 is now responsible for making a whole bunch of teenagers moon eyed and fall into a semi intense love.

M83 - Skin of the Night
Press Play Below

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CaraMari said...

that video is crazy