Tuesday, October 27

Lonely at the top

There are a lot of ways that the video below can be interpreted and I don't think there is a point in the video where it makes any more sense than when it first started. In the past few years Kanye's head has been growing exponentially. I mean who can blame him? Everything he does is successful, yea he may have done some ridiculous shit along the way but it was only for the attention. No one has stopped listening to Kanye because he actually took a dump on Taylor's (almost said Miley, haha) head on live tv, I mean look at this blog, Kanye is in the top 3 blogged artists. Am I proud of that? I don't know, but the point is that he's made an impact. The thing about Wayne & Kanye is that they both have evolved in major ways, starting from The Carter and moving into the Carter 3, wayne has had a completely different style every album. Kanye almost made me gag when I saw the first live performance of Love Lockdown on SNL (I thought it was a joke fittingly enough). But his attempt to take rap/hip-hop to an entirely new chapter of his book was something pretty daring. But it grew on us and now... we're locked down. Where is it going from here? Who knows. I think you owe it to your self to sit through the 11 minutes that are below. Maybe Kanye has gotten to... well, Kanye. Maybe he's realized how he's acted, I doubt it though. Even if I have some sympathy for people at the top, an appology and a return to earth is really all people are looking for. Don't bellitle yourself Kanye, just come back to your roots. (I'm sure he'll read this)

NOW, to balance out this influx of Kanye on this blog let's drop something sooo sexy that you'll forget all about Kanye and his little rat heart thing. This goes out to someone special.
If you haven't gotten a green eyed love yet, you should really try to do something about it, it'll make your life so good. Lift me upppp <3

Mayer Hawthorne - Green Eyed Love (Classixx Remix)
Now put it on repeat and feel good

Thursday, October 22

Auditory Pleasure

What is arguably my favorite cd that has come out this year, Boy Meets World from Fresno native Fashawn delivers. Boy Meets World is a cohesive, energetic and brilliant cd, a result of the masterful/soulful production entirely done by Exile, matched perfectly with the talented and introspective Fashawn. The whole cd is a great listen all the way through and is definitely worth 10 bucks to say the least. Below is a cut off the album, featuring Blu, who also happens to be one of my favorite up and coming emcees. Get the cd, here.

Samsonite Man- Fashawn ft. Blu

And sidenote: Talib Kweli played at our homecoming this past weekend. Man is a great performer and he did a couple songs acapella that will be on his upcoming album, Revolutions Per Minute. Needless to say, it was and is going to be ridiculous.

Monday, October 19

A Sweet Death

So I was about to start studying when I randomly came across a cover of Ayo Technology originally sung by 50 (fi-ty) and JT. Not only is this a cover but it is also a completely different approach to the meaning of the song. The meaning I haven't really understood yet but the artist ends up being suffocated by the sweet/thick syrup of the alluring maidens around him. The artist, Milow, hails from over seas as you will bea able to hear in his pronunciations of certain words but it only makes this cover more interesting. The accoustic intro reels you in and once the drums drop along with a few other instruments its game over. Make sure to give it to him or her after you're done listening to this song.

Couldn't leave without droping a song for everyone so here is a remix of Ayo Technology by Johnatron who is from San Jose in Cali. He has some really legit remixes on his myspace so check it out if you got the itch.

Ayo Technology - 50 Cent ft. JT (Johnatron Remix)

Sunday, October 18


Hopefully you're not working to hard yet, but I understand if you are. Dclark put me up on this remix of Sun is Shining and I absolutely loved it!! So check it out and understand how amazing bob is. The rasta in the video below lives everyday like its Sunday. I like what I'm seeing...

Bob Marley - Sun is Shining
Roll it

Bob Marley - Sun is Shining (House Remix)
Light it

Bob Marley - Sun is Shining (Funkstar DeLuxe Remix)
Hold it

Friday, October 16

The Great International Friday

Today, all around the world people are celebrating the end of the work week and the beginning of what some may refer to as the weekend. Let's celebrate in harmony and then tonight we shall all get naked at some point and have a fantastic night.
Let's all raise our glasses to FRIDAY!

I'm not sure what just happened, but I was in a spell of some sort that was caused by this.....!!!!

Hero - Funeral March

Chromeo - Night by Night (Skream Remix)

Thursday, October 15

Bottle shaped body like...

As much as I want to keep myself from posting Kanye tracks because he really doesn't deserve to be listened to until he takes his cool cap off I couldn't help but let you guys in on this rediculous mashup by Xaphoon Jones. This track takes Testify by Kanye Stupidweezy and layers it over the instrumentals of Reckoner by Radiohead. It's funny that Xaphoon chose to use Radiohead's Reckoner because Dj Earworm did something very similar with Love Lockdown earlier this year. Hands down the best of this track starts around the 1:20 mark where Thom Yorke's voice pierces the sound waves and continues with Lupe who I miss a good amount. Both tracks can be found below...

Testify (Radiohead x Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco)

Reckoner Lockdown (Dj Earworm Remix) (Radiohead x Kanye West)

Get What You NEED
aka download

Tuesday, October 13

I would wake up in my dreams

Lets get shit rollin again. I have new speakers in my room instead of ones coming from my monitor that I have to wear a hearing aid for.

Ill be posting a few more of these and maybe even a VT one? I'm sure i'll get some interesting responses from people around here. Join in on the fun if you're bored

Thursday, October 8

Bizarre Looking White People.

Time- Mr. Hudson

Never really paid much attention since Mr. Hudson arrived on the scene. The name itself was kind of comical to me and for some reason I never gave him a chance. But this melodic tune is pretty nice not gonna lie.

Wake up and Smell the Garden

Cult Logic Forever- Drake & Miike Snow(The Hood Internet)

Face to Face- Daft Punk(NightDrugs Rework)