Sunday, February 22

TV Actor turned Rapper turns out good? HOLY SHIT

So when former Degrassi actor Aubrey Graham, musically known as Drake, first appeared on the net, I assumed that I would be listening to verbal diarrhea for probably 20 seconds until I would click next. He actually turns out to be a very good listen, for both mainstream heads and those who shade towards the underground. On this track he goes in over Kanye's Say You Will and tell me your not impressed.

And if you like what you here, hit the link for his recent mixtape "So Far Gone" below........

Cop it:>> So Far Gone

Shout out to
gree(blue)n for the linkage.

Santogold Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne) - Unstoppable ::: Get It
saying cop it is so tight waffle

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