Wednesday, February 25

Although I can never forget he is friends with Bow Wow...

Omarion teams up with Timbo again for "Comfort" featuring the man who seems to be on every song these days, you already know.
I was never really a fan of Omarion back in his B2K days, but since he jumped into the icebox I'm surprised to say that he's turning into a decent artist. Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon.

.......and about Bow Wow. Dude will never be accepted as anything more then an ass clown teenage rapper in the music biz. but he is alright on Entourage.

So i scratched that song, you can find it online
but to continue to shit on Bow Wow, real dogs sniff blood!!!!!

X Gonna Give It to Ya - DMX - DMX

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Dj Lova said...

I actually just laughed while reading that whole post waffle!