Wednesday, February 11

hipsters, rockers, celebrities, and drag queens

Photographer/party enthusiast by the name of Bronques started lastnightsparty in order to show all the people that were too sane or maybe to ordinary to deal with the scenester situation happening in major cities all over this world. Bronques basically gets invited to some of the sexiest parties known to man kind and brings his equally as sexy camera to document allthegirlsstandinginthelineforthebathroom
as well as other things. (click photo for high-res)

Check his site out if you like titties and everythign that goes with them...

SONG :::: Spank Rock - Put That Pussy On Me (Diplo Tonight Remix) | GET IT

Just forgot to mention that Benny Blancs, yes, Benny Boom, Benny Blanco, probably better known as Ben Levin performed at the MTVu Woodie awards with Spank Rock and was featured on YEAAA BEN BOOG, how are you so tight? noone will ever know.

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