Wednesday, February 25

Pike shit....

....on everyone at DG's Anchorsplash contest in the year 2009. Pike brothers adapted a variety of Matrix moves that matched a mixtrack of Daft Punk, Prodigy, Kanyyezzy. Look below for something one of a kind. Props to Pike for their efforts and delivery

Daft Punk - What More Time (Krames Remix)

Kanye West vs Radiohead - Lovereckoner Mashup <--- Saucy
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Prodigy - Android (Optimus Grime Remix) - I may have posted that only because it was remixed by an artist who goes by the name of Optimus Grime

New situation for getting music >>> Get It <<< I know you like it

Speaking of Optimus Prime....

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Tmo said...

YO that Pike shit is amazing. need I say jabbawockees anyone? and transformers two is gonna be soo tightttttt