Tuesday, February 24

Single Speeds

The amount of people that have ditched their multi gear bicycles and picked up a savvy single speed fixed gear bike is astonishing. Looking around our campus here at VT I think i run into a single speed bike at least 3 or 4 times a day. In my eyes the single speed bikes are a direct result of the scenester movement that is also making headway to campus' all over the nation as well as the younger generation that isn't even in College yet. A recent visit to the University of Boulder in Colorado made me realize that we are pretty far behind in terms of the hipster culture movement, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, I mean we are in Southwest VA. Quoting my friend Cronin, "Single speed that shit" is something he would say when someone riding a silly multi speed bicylce would ride by. Bikes such as the one displayed above (belonging to my friend Zachary Madrigal) can be seen doing tricks n' shit including impressive balancing acts. Still don't know how I feel about them...maybe when it gets warmer i'll know.
If you are interested in the hipster scene check out the Hipster Runoff, a culturally relevant blog
Also check out this single speed themed shirt from the team over at Clockwise Clothing
Yes, that is Max Banzinger.

Kanye is a fan of Single Speeds apparently

Kanye West Ft. T-Pain - Flight School ::: Get It

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LeahP! said...

SEXY! love that hipster singlespeed shit. fixed gears are tight. good post