Sunday, February 22

Fuck Land I'm On a Boat

First off sorry that we haven't been sharing with everyone for the past few days...just got back from a trip to Chapel Hill for and AEPi convention which was pretty amazing I had an incredible time there. During the trip I took the time to listen to multiple albums one of which included the newly released album named Incredibad by The Lonely Island. Before I give my review of the album let me reiterate how incredibly amazing and funny the music video for I'm On a Boat is. If you haven't seen it please go here right now.

Since this is Special Sauce I will be rating this album and any other future albums by the following categories; Mild, Hot, Fire.

Incredibad - For the $11.99 purchasing price, 19 tracks, and the 7 included videos from the iTunes store this was quite a bargain. I can say that having a high quality version of I'm on a Boat might make owning this album worth it. I was very happy to see that this album had all the classics included such as Lazy Sunday, Natalie's Rap, Dick in a Box and the more recent Jizz in My Pants. Andy and his crew are really quite rediculous and really white but they can make quality songs that I would definetly spin at parties. I already got a request for I'm on a Boat which I will gladly fill. Samberg and his crew are witty and pretty lewd when you pair that up with some good production work and some note worthy instrumentals the result is some of the funniest songs i've heard in a long time that you can somehow throw on at a party.
Verdict: HOT! This album is seductively saucy

The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (Dj Kue Remix) ::: Get It
The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants (Cousin Cole House Edit) ::: Get It

Natalie Portman scares my D

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