Friday, February 13

"The new Pete & CL is Exile & BL"

ITS MOTHA F***** Friday!

So it's Friday, and I know all of you out there are excited. I myself am in a great mood, ignoring the fact that I just got raped by a geography test. But now I'm back at my place, in a great mood, thanks in part to the man to the side, L.A. based MC Blu. In case you didn't know, the west coast is blowinnggg up again due to artists such as U.N.I, Evidence, and Blu just to name a few. Blu however, is on a level all by himself imo. In 2007, he released his debut album Below The Heavens, which was produced entirely by L.A. producer Exile.

This CD EASILY BREAKS TOP 5 OVERALL BEST CD's in the last ten years! Please! find a way to listen to this cd, anyway you can. Attached is a little taste of Below The Heavens and a song off his recent mixtape So(ul) Amazin with a classic Old School sample. Hope you enjoy it, have a great weekend everybody.

sidenote: I will change that to top 5 hip/hop albums imo.
Blu & Exile >>MyBoyBlu
Blu & Exile >>So(ul)Amazin'(Steel Blazin')


Dj Lova said...

Comments are now working!!!

Natorious said...

hit us with that new blu heat! haha mo, when did this shit start going down?