Tuesday, February 17

Embrace the Martian

Regardless of how much of a tool Kanye is right now, wow no homo. Protege and G.O.O.D. artist Kid Cudi is doing it biggggg. Different from the first listen, hence "embrace the martian", Kid Cudi is nevertheless a great listen either in the car, house speakers or headphones.

Think of him as the guy that should have been singing on 808's and Heartbreak, even though yes, I do think it was a solid album.

First up is literally audio crack(im not lying), in the form of electro group Crooker's remix of "Embrace the Martian", off of the mixtape: a Kid named Cudi. Which becomes increasingly hard to stop listening to after each play. And to finish it off here is a slower paced but equally dope cut off of a Kid named Cudi. Both songs have been out for a while now, just want to make sure that these reach as may ears as possible.


Dj Lova said...

Man on the Moon is so hot, Kid Cudi is a man on the moon for sure

Ctucker said...

i'm lovin both of these

Natorious said...

pfft cudi ain't shit. gotta rock that black milk - overdose - that's the coke!