Wednesday, February 18

Covers Galore

Kay Pettigrew & Madison
What do these two artists have in common? Well, they both have lady parts, they enjoy singing, and they both put their own feminine touch on two songs that everyone reading this blog should be familiar with. The first cover by Kay Pettigrew is the intro song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the cover is soft and timid with all the appropriate sounds and progressions. I think you'll like it. Check out her Myspace she has some beautiful songs on it that are worth giving some time to.

The second cover is by another female known as Madison or maybe more appropriate for this cover Young Maddy. I was truly taken back when I heard this incredible interpretation of Lollipop. Just like Weezy, Maddy is able to adapt to the music and gives a touch of raspiness and some nasty production work that you will only hear to its full potential with a good sound system. The lows in this song are teeth shaking. I think you'll also appreciate Madison's explicitness as her pronunciation is a little clearer than Weezy's. Maybe because she doesn't smoke and sip sizzurp 24/7?

Kay Pettigrew - Fresh Prince of Bel Air cover :::: Get It
Madison - Lollipop Cover :::: Get It

BONUS TRACK - come here let me dope you
Lil Wayne Ft. Young Money - Every Girl :::: Get It

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