Thursday, June 4

While we're on the subject

Above you will find a man, he appears to be white to the untrained eye but if you listed to his work you might mistake him for a black man/woman singing his/her heart out in choir. Sike, Robin you're mad fly but he gets mad props from the r/b world for his talents. I came across this remix of one of Robin's songs named Magic a few days ago and it's pretty nasty. Mark Ronson put the D.C. gogo bongos on it to give it a homey feel and Wale opened the dams up for his flow. Mary of course is probably confused as to how Robin is so legit at what he does. Unfortunatly you gotta purchase this track if you really want it but I enjoyed it. It's below for your pleasure.
Also below you will find a remix done by Steve Aoki and a video accompanying the song itself as well as the download for it just below the video.

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Tmo said...

both original and aoki mix are sickkk. suprised aoki had such a calm remix, 1st i've heard him like that. WOOOP WOOP