Friday, June 26

Gahdamn.....what a combo.

Gotta admit...I love me some Kelly Rowland. She really can kill it on the R&B, Rap, and i guess house scene now teaming up with David Guetta..

Shout out toXM Radio (Especially Area and BPM, great dance tracks) for putting me onto this and countless other dope songs. The progression in this song is perfectly paired with the lovely miss Kelly Rowland, which I believe makes this a certified club/house/room/car/desk/laptop/boat/international banger. Don't believe me? watch the music video and tell me you can't admire the skill/talent/time/thought that has gone into this video and song.

Like This- Kelly Rowland(M-Phazes Remix)

Attached here is also a SAUCYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY mix of a previous Rowland song, redone by one of my favorite producers, Australian "Beast of a Producer" M-Phazes.

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Dj Lova said...

Electric music might emerge as the winner in the end when there are only cockroaches