Thursday, June 4

BEP --> E.N.D.

I'm sure that everyone has heard Boom Boom Pow by now since it has been played around the clock in yo neighborhood, area, cd thang, tape deck, and maybe even in your girlfriend. But just like with many orginal songs we get tired of them, no mater how catchy or addictive they are. So below you will find the hits you need to get Boom Boom Pow back into your life, unless it's still there. In that case just come back when you need some of these drugs. Speaking of drugs check out Julia from over at HeavyRoc in NY and her newest contribution to the world of music called Cocaine.

On a side note, like I mentioned a looooong time ago everything is moving in the direction of electro/funk/pop/synth/sex/tight pants/dance floor/dance. Gotta kinda hand it to Kanye for hitting the mainstream with 808 heartbreak so far in advance when people really didnt know what to think of it. Anyways i'm glad it's happening because that means I can just spin this ishhhh more often and not get looks....

Mr. Boom Boom Jones (B-Roc of the Knocks ReFix) - Black Eyed Peas x The Counting Crows

Julia - Cocaine
Cocaine helps things keep going

Mr. JPatt, Julia, and Samuel creating the song...
Boom Boom Pow - The Black Eyed Peas (Mr. Gaspar Remix) <3333333333

Boom Boom Pow - The Black Eyed Peas x The Outhere Brothers (Dj Nino Mashup)
Uber dance mix

You will also find the two new singles released off of The Energy Never Dies by The Black Eyed Peas on the link is posted BELOW

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Tmo said...

lev these songs are fucking sick, gasper remix will be madness on the dancefloor