Tuesday, June 9


Recently Terry Urban has been preparing to release a very unique mixtape name SouthernGold. This is essentially a mixtape filled with some very well put together mashups using the instrumentals from Santigold's songs and popular hip/hop tracks featuring artists such as Pitbull, Andre 3000, T-Pain, Wayne, Officer Riiiicky, The Dream, Jeezy and many more. Downtown records sent Urban a cease and decist email telling him not to release this mixtape but as usual the mixtape made its way out onto the airstreams of the internet. In doing so he is trying to promote Santi and send her songs to every corner of the music world. I don't know what Downtown was thinking, this is only promotion for them but I guess in turn the controversy they have stirred up has made people just as aware of Santi. Anyways if you wanna read more about the halt on the mixtape click the "Terry Urban" link above. If you're trying to get your filthy hands on this mixtape then head on over to the following and scroll down...
Still Tippin' It (Ft. Slim Thug & Mike Jones) - Santigold
It's Fire


The folder that you'll download is a .rar file and if you're on a mac you'll need this app to extract it. If you're running windows then I think it's this program but you might need to google for it.

Still Tippin... |mp3|


nmL said...

i love how someone on the DIRTY page wrote i didnt know weezy smoked piss as a comment

nmL said...

i actually laughed out loud