Wednesday, June 3

D.C.'s Own

Finally some damn good Hip-Hop. I've been fiending, I feel like its just shit coming out the last couple weeks(not speaking on the year, its been good to me). New Wale, he's recently come out and said that the doubters saying hes not working hard are going to be proven wrong. Well, these songs speak for themselves in my opinion. Chillin is a good song, a party song just like he intended with Gaga on the hook who does a nice job(girl still looks like the biggest slubo) which most likely will become better with each play. But Family Affair, this track is soo niceeeeeeeeeeeeee. Been missing a slowing speaking Wale over what's gotta be some UCB production.

Family Affair- Wale

Forever- Ghostface Killah

Shoutout to 2Dopeboyz


Anonymous said...

both wale songs are tight

Dj Lova said...

Dr. Anonymous I concur