Wednesday, June 10

Let It Breeze

Knaan has a voice filled with soul, history and experience. Born into this world with the name of Kanaan Warsame and into a family of musicians and poets. Sounds like a perfect combo for a musician that I want streaming through my speakers. He was brought into the world during the Somali civil war which was chaos to say the least and I feel like it framed his soul somehow because it's full of melodies that you can close your eyes to and get goosepimples. You should try it. He has come out with 4 albums so far one of which dropped in 09'. Check out the tracks below, Take a Minute is real tight btw so check it.

Knaan - Wavin' Flag
tell your friends

Knaan - Take a Minute

Knaan - Dayless Nite
Kid Cudi lovin


Tmo said...

Lev. I love you, all sick songs. take a minute. dammnnn

thepoptimist said...

knaans been in the game for so long, im glad he's finally getting the recognition he deserves.