Wednesday, May 6

Procrastinate If You Must

It's finals week and I figured that I would share some of my finest tools of procrastination that offer some kind of relief during most of our hell weeks. If you're already done then I envy you greatly. If you're not in college yet then you need to try and get here, because as much as being sleep deprived and feeling like shit for like 3 days straight sucks the payout is handsome, so handsome.

  1. Texts from last night - this website has thousands of entertaining texts that people wake up to from their drunken stupor. Not all are written under the influence of alcohol but you can tell that a majority of them are conjured up by people that are feeling good... or not so good. (the numbers before the texts are the area code that it came from)
    Sample - (203): I actually just cleaned easy glide lube off my desk. My life has gone way down hill since I met you.
  2. Fuck My Life - if you haven't heard of this yet then you probably aren't reading this blog. I wont go into the details of this since you already know what it is, just thought I'd remind you about its existence.
    Sample - Today, I was sitting in class and I fell asleep during the lesson. I was wearing sweatpants and had an erection. My teacher came up to me and grabbed my penis. She thought it was my phone. FML
  3. Last Nights Party - I posted this site up a while ago, it's pretty popular already so you may be familiar with it. If not then check it out pronto. The photos are all provided and taken by Merlin Bronques who is living a pretty nice life if you ask me. Traveling around the world to parties that glow with VIP status and being surrounded with some of the most exotic humans on this planet.
    Sample -

  4. Stumble Upon - Heed my warning before you click the link to the left. This might be the reason for why I didn't do so hot one of my past semesters. This application might possibly one of the most addicting out there. This program takes you through all of the corners of the internet that you didn't know existed and opens your eyes. Step 1: download StumbleUpon for your browser --> Step 2: choose your interests --> Step 3: click the stumble upon button until your finger hurts.
  5. YSS - save the best for last, once again guys help us spread the word! We'd love to grow and share our love for life, music and media.
I guess there's only one thing left for me to do at this point. Study? No, I love you guys too much, so it's time for the hotness. Something not to hectic though...

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder (Just Blaze Remix)
Press Play Below

John Legend Ft. Andre 3000 - Greenlight (Afroganic Remix)
Press Play Below

Beatles x Shaggy - Let It Be Me
Press Play Below

Dj Spooky - No No No
Press Play Below


nmL said...

haha i had never heard of 1 or 3. thats hilarious and tight.

JewJewBee said...

justtt blazeee