Tuesday, May 19

The New West

New U-N-I. Old U-N-I. Of course, both deliver. If you haven't had a chance to listen to this Cali Hip-hop duo yet, I highly suggest it. In an effort to spread there music, they released their debut album "A Love Supreme" free(which of course is available below) on March 31st. Although this may not be technically an album, it is 2saucy to be deprived of the recognition and play it deserves. Below is a new cut, courtesy of 2DB, where you can see if you like their style. And with B.O.B. and Lupe currently working together, the addition of this duo would be nuts, just putting that out there.

Land of the Kings- U-N-I

01 My Life
02 Windows
03 Supreme
04 Hollywood Hiatus
05 Lately
06 Pulp Fiction Part 1 f. Fashawn
07 The Grudge
08 Voltron
09 Stylin
10 Hammertime
11 Calendar Girls
12 Lauren London
13 Black Sky
14 Halftime
15 A Love Supreme

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