Tuesday, May 12

And I jizz in my pants.

Never had heard of D Sharp the Violinist before, but he is on some SHITTTTTT. Spotted over at Pigeons and Planes, Derryck "D Sharp" Gleaton, a violinist and violist that blends Hip/Hop and R&B with the classical violin and viola style, rips his personal redition of Kid Cudi's Day N Night instrumental. If you have ever listened to Black Violin you know what your getting yourself into. As I'm sure you'll agree, the addition of live orchestra instruments into a hip-hop(or other genres) based instrumentals can sound incredible. And on a final personal note as a former violinist, I always appreciate this type of talent and creativity that seperates the people like D Sharp from the generic producers that are all too common today.

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Dj Lova said...

Gave me goosepimples