Saturday, May 16

Animal Collective - The House of Blues Concert

Just returned back home from a pretty incredible trip to Boston. Some fun facts about Boston: first state to legalize gay marriages, just recently decriminalized less than an oz of weed for personal use sooo it's a pretty amazing city. The people there love their sports and love their city very much! I don't know if it was the friendliest towards foreigners but who cares. Thanks to my good friend Mandi I was able to secure her extra Animal Collective ticket and after a trial run we finally made it to the House of Blues in anticipation for a show that would be unique to say the least. That night only three out of the four members performed, that included Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist. Their stage presence was phenomenal as they vibe to their work more intensly than any other live concert i've seen before. I was sober for the whole show unlike the majority of the people there. Puffs of herb rose every few minutes from the center of the crowd and others moved like their life depended on it. The show was complete overload of the senses, my ears rang for a good two hours after the show and my eyes were still trippin. If you haven't listened to any animal collective songs yet then give them a fair chance, they are extremely forward thinking and full of dense talent. The set list included lots of new tracks as well as classics that made people melt with joy. Here's the set list:
What Would I Want Sky
Summertime Clothes
Guys Eyes
Who Could Win a Rabbit
Comfy In Nautica
Lablakely Dress/Fireworks
Brother Sport
Chocolate Girl
My Girls
Leaf House

Summertime clothes, Brother sport and My Girls were out of control! Their live performances have all of their unique sound that you'd hear on their albums which blows my mind since I can't even imagine reproducing the sounds especially live. Both Panda and Avey delivered such good vocal performances and ROCKED it. Geologist was so nasty, sending heavy bass through the crowd not givin a fuuuuck. I hope that you give them an honest chance in your heart and that you get to see them if the opportunity presents itself. Here's a video of their live performance of My Girls from the show and the music video which is why I first fell in love with AC.

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