Tuesday, March 17

Time of Absence

Firstly I'm sorry that the posts have been so slim in the past week, with spring break and no charger for my macbook I was left empty handed and without the ability to post daily.
Hopefully you will accept my apology and continue to return back for your daily portion of saucy deliciousness every day.

So here's something that will make you shake your booty....

Excuse me Diddy, is that a Mustache I notice on your face? Oh why yes I think it is exactly that.
I feel better growing my mustache out now knowing that at some point in his life, Diddy was also rockin a fresh stach. I'm sure he gave out loads of mustache rides on the daily. So below you will find a remix of Mo Money Mo Problems which is a great philosophy by the way. Laidback Luke sure did this song justice. Check it out below....

Notorious BIF (Ft. Puff Daddy & Mase) - Mo Money Mo Problems (Laidback Luke Bootleg)
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Bonus Track that I don't think you're ready for....
KanyeVsJusticeVsSoulwaxVsWalterMurphy - Let There Be Love / Beethoven Lock Down
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Get Both Here
Shoutout - Cara Seligman

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