Friday, March 13

Heressss Joeyy

He's a Harlem MC that has been in the game a longgggg timeeeeeee but i'm still not sure what I think of Joe Budden. This particular song off his new album "Padded Room", is a metaphor from what I have gathered for his battle against drugs or depression, or probably both. "Exxxes" is a interesting listen and i've found myself replaying it a fair amount over the last couple days. Check it out.
and if you happen to like diss tracks where people get shitted on, please check out the track below where Budden GOooSsssssssssss offffffffff. Back a month a go when Saigon and Budden were trading diss tracks, "Pain in his Life" ended the battle. Favorite line from Budden talking about Saigons prison terms, "He went in a tight end and came out a wide receiver". RUDE.

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