Sunday, March 1

Kanye Tells His Stories

As much as people weren't really prepared for the style Kanye brought in 808's & Heartbreak it has inspired a much needed movement and growth of ingenuity and originality in the music industry. Of course Kanye didn't do it all by himself. Artists such as Kid Cudi and Animal Collective have been experimenting with their sound and they are now starting to take music in an entirely new direction that really inspires the best in all of us.

I want to auto-tune my entire life?

Anyway's below you will find a series of videos from the VH1 show called Storytellers. Kanye spills some of the reasoning behind his latest album and reworks songs in ways you would never expect. Check out all the videos here. I think I like Touch the Sky the best. There are 7 more videos on the VH1 site.


Speech, speech, speech

Touch the Sky

Kid Cudi reps NERD in this track below as he gets dirty on Spazzin'

BONUS TRACK just because I love you and this track is super dope.
Kid Cudi - Day N' Night (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

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