Monday, March 30


The Best Birthday Present Ever - Watch more Funny Videos

He should've just asked for a steak and a blowj if you ask me... maybe a steak also?? too much?
He should just save that for the male day of Valentines

Speaking about 21st birthdays mine is quickly approaching and I am getting verrrry excited for it. Hopefully something of that caliber will occur and make things saucy. I do have to note here that Special Sauce was not named after man product, so please do not misunderstand the situation. Back to the 21st, David "Natty Dreds" Clark just had his 21st this past Saturday so congratulate him if you are lucky enough to run into him on the daily grind, if you didn't know he is one of the authors on this blog and he is a Jewish Rastafarian.
David being so dreadlocked on the left after devouring MSG laced food in Ny during NewYears. Click the Pic

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