Sunday, March 1

Just plain old amazing...

Some musicians are good at one trade, whether thats singing, producing, engineering, or playing an instrument. Ryan Leslie is all of these things, and not afraid to call this dude a genius. Afterall, he did graduate from Harvard at 19 and scored a 1600 on his SAT's. After watching his Youtube channel for probably the last two hours, I can't help but just be amazed at what this guy is able to do musically. And personally, hes the man behind Me & U. Which I shouldn't have to explain due to the image on the right.

What I'm putting up is a radio show where Leslie is given a keyboard, lollipop, and asked to improv. he just ........well you see for youself(skip to 1:00 for beginning)

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Dj Lova said...

.....How? That is incredible talent. So sick forreal