Monday, March 30

Not your everyday Viking

Introducing Viking. Surprisingly i couldn't find much about this guy. But this man doesn't need a bio to realize how dope he is. Below are three remixes that I have gotten my hands on. A remix of Kid Cudi's "Dat New", Chris Browns "Freeze" and Akons "Beautiful". Mstrkrft fans enjoy, all three are very good listens and should be played in rowdy circumstances in particular. Shout out to Kyle for putting me onto Viking, looking forward to what hes gonna continue to put out.

Dat New- Kid Cudi(Viking Remix)

Beautiful- Akon(Viking Remix)

Freeze- Chris Brown(Viking Remix)

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thepoptimist said...

Ohhhh Viking.
Need a bio? What do you need to know?

His name is Phil & he lives in Richmond. He started off as a drummer in a few notable Northern Virginia bands & somehow made his way to this & it's working for him.