Wednesday, March 9


Watup Saucers,

This yo main bitch Cristobal. I been organizing in PG County Maryland, letting folks now about the Civil Marriage Protection Act, which would allow the gays full marriage equality. When people find out that Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships withhold thousands of rights that are inherent to Marriage (like social security survivor's benefits) they slowly realize that SEPARATE AIN'T EQUAL!

... like we haven't figured that shit out already.

THE vote is scheduled for this Friday afternoon, and will make Maryland the 6th state to allow gay marriage. This Is History (aka the got damn future).

check this vid to get knowledged:

then this to get silly:

Wishing I Had Crazy Girl on Train w me,

cox out, No Homo.


Dj Lova said...

Wait, so are you that sassy black bitch on the cell phone or the shaved head cutie?

Cristobal said...