Tuesday, March 8

Paper Crows

Looking back through some of my blog emails I came across one from George Lenton, UK electronica producer. His work is spot on with my interests wobbly bass, angelic vocals and of course goosebumps. He has taken "Follow the Leader" by the Paper Crows and made into something more beautiful than the original. The track comes dives in and out of the dub wobble throughout the entire 4:26 seconds and makes you feel like your floating the other half of the time. As much justice as Lenton has done this song the Paper Crows have taken Dub and implemented it into their music in such a perfect way! Its fits like a lock and key and the lead singer's voice compliments the heavy dub with no questions asked. You HAVE to check them out.

Paper Crows - Follow the Leader (George Lenton Remix) Download on the right side of the player

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