Tuesday, March 1

The Deans List

It's The Dean's List hails from Boston, MA and they have a fresh new mixtape out named the Drive In. The internet is opening lots of doors these days so if they're smart like they imply they'll use all the web hotspots to spread their music. I remember the days when Cudi and Posner had their mixtapes playing all over the blog world before they got any radio play or mega recognition. Wish these guys the best of luck, spread the love for them! Short music video clip they have is below, follow the link for the mixtape after the jump

Download the Mixtape
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Premed Region 3 Director said...
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Sweatshop said...

The whole mixtape is hot fire. Great find.

Dj Lova said...

Thanks playa! I listened to the mixtape a few times on a short roadtrip and didn't grow tired of it at all